Delete Snapchat account

How to delete your Snapchat account


Snapchat’s recipe for success is that images and videos that have been sent are automatically deleted immediately after they have been viewed. However, many people will eventually want to delete their Snapchat account completely. There are several possible reasons for this – the…


Reasons to get your own email domain

Personal e-mail domains: professional communication on the web


A personal e-mail domain is a must in the commercial sphere. Conveying a professional image in your contact details will ensure that customers and businesses take you seriously. Find out about the advantages of having an individual mail domain and learn how to secure a personal…


Deleting a Telegram account

Deleting a Telegram account


Deleting a Telegram account is almost as easy as making one. We explain why people are making the move away from Telegram, how to completely delete your account, and what happens after you’re done. You should be aware that you can’t recover a deleted telegram account. Keep…


YouTube alternatives: an overview of the best portals

The 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance


YouTube has revolutionized the Internet: since it was founded, it has been inundated with video content and more than two billion users have been recorded. No other alternative has come close to this impressive number. But what are the other video portals are available and what…


Free e-mail providers

The best free email providers: a comparison


The quality and quantity of features offered by free email providers is forever improving. Ever increasing amounts of storage space, greater levels of security, and more modern user interfaces are all being made available free of charge. But the list of possible providers is long…


iCloud with a custom domain

How to use iCloud with a custom email domain


The new premium subscription iCloud+ gives users the opportunity to use Apple’s popular cloud service with additional features. Among other things, the paid membership allows you to link the iCloud with your personal domain to send emails in the usual Apple environment using a…


Best Android cloud apps

The 9 best Android cloud apps – securing your smartphone data


As Android smartphone users will know, a complete backup of the operating system can only be created with the internal backup function that leaves a lot to be desired. The solution? Using a cloud storage solution like Google Drive. However, if you don’t feel comfortable handing…


WhatsApp video call not working
  • Social media

What do you do if WhatsApp video call is not working? The reasons why a video call in the app doesn’t work can be many. It starts with a lack of an internet connection and can extend to data saving mode or server problems. We present various sources of error and solutions so that you can quickly start using the WhatsApp video call again.

Delete Skype account
  • Social media

To delete your Skype account, you first need to delete your Microsoft account. This can be done from the desktop as well as in the app. Alternatively, you can make your Skype account invisible so that it can no longer be found via the search function. We will explain both ways. You will also learn what you should consider before deleting your Skype account.

PostgreSQL backup
  • Security

Creating database backups is one of the standard tasks of web and system admins. Each database management system comes with its own tools for creating backups. PostgreSQL has the command line programs pg_dump and pg_restore. The command line interface psql is also used. We’ll present you with the most common backup scenarios with examples of the required code.

MySQL backup
  • Security

You might already know this warning message if you work with WordPress or similar CMS; “Create a backup of the database before updating”. The mysqldump tool is often used to create the backup. But what does MySQL dump mean? We’ll explain what is meant by this term and show you how to create a database backup with the mysqldump tool.

Your guide to becoming a social media influencer
  • Social media

Influencers are today’s digital trendsetters. Their videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram can have a tremendous influence on consumer behavior. And with the rise in influencer marketing, this advertising format has become a lucrative profession. But how do you become an influencer? Take a look at our top 10 tips and find out.

Delete recovery partition
  • Configuration

The recovery partition is used when a computer needs to be restored to its previous state. This is handy if there are problems with the current installation or if you want to give the device away. However, you can also delete the recovery partition to free up additional disk space. We will show you how to do this in Windows.

Online identity theft protection
  • Website creation

Many only know internet identity theft and similar crimes from movies or television. But stories of online fraudsters are not just mere phantasies of screenwriters; for many the experience is all too real. Online identity theft has become more and more of a problem over the past few years, and everyone is a potential victim. We have compiled some preventative steps than can help you stay out of...

  • CMS

Do you want to create web pages and have as much freedom as you need? WordPress may be the undisputed market leader, but it also contains unsafe plugins that make attacks easier for hackers or greatly increase loading times. If you are looking for a highly flexible solution that is relatively easy to get to grips with, especially for users with some previous experience, then ProcessWire may be the...

Finding alternatives to Adobe Photoshop
  • Web design

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard in the realm of photo editing and has dominated the market for years. However, due to its immense range of functions, the program is often too complicated and expensive for amateur photographers and designers. So it’s no wonder that there are so many appealing cheap or free Photoshop alternatives.

Data center tiers
  • Know-how

What’s the difference between a tier 3 data center and a tier 4 data center? There are a number of different systems for classifying data centers and establishing national and international standards. Keep reading to find out about data center tiers, the most used standards, and international classification systems.