Deleting a Telegram account

Deleting a Telegram account


Deleting a Telegram account is almost as easy as making one. We explain why people are making the move away from Telegram, how to completely delete your account, and what happens after you’re done. You should be aware that you can’t recover a deleted telegram account. Keep...


YouTube alternatives: an overview of the best portals

The 10 best YouTube alternatives at a glance


YouTube has revolutionized the Internet: since it was founded, it has been inundated with video content and more than two billion users have been recorded. No other alternative has come close to this impressive number. But what are the other video portals are available and what...


Delete Snapchat account

Deleting your Snapchat account: How it’s done


Snapchat’s recipe for success is that images and videos that have been sent are automatically deleted immediately after they have been viewed. However, many people will eventually want to delete their Snapchat account completely. There are several possible reasons for this – the...


WhatsApp status video download

WhatsApp status video download in a few steps

Status videos on WhatsApp are often funny or interesting which means you may wish to save them to view again later. There are different ways for saving status videos depending on the operating system of your device: the file manager, a special Status Saver app, or the screen capture option. Read on to find out how you can download WhatsApp status videos on Android or iOS.

The best WhatsApp alternatives

7 Apps like WhatsApp: WhatsApp alternatives 2022

Invitations to dinner parties; updates about work; an excursion with the college soccer team: if you’re not using WhatsApp, you run the risk of missing out on important information. But it does have its disadvantages too: the main one being that WhatsApp shares user data with its parent company, Facebook, which is making users want to switch to other messaging apps. So what good WhatsApp...

Instagram: the best tools for increasing your range

Instagram tools: 11 apps for more success

Since Instagram was released in 2010, the photo platform has been steadily growing. After being sold to Facebook, Instagram became one of the most important marketing channels for bloggers, companies, and influencers. Being successful on this social image network, however, isn’t set in stone: Instagram apps help to create content and posts, and aid with time management as well as other things,...

WhatsApp storage full

WhatsApp storage is full - how to clear it?

A full WhatsApp storage can negatively affect the app’s performance on your smartphone. But to restore functionality, you can simply empty your memory directly in WhatsApp itself. Read on for our step-by-step instructions so you can learn how to delete individual files or your entire file memory on Android or iPhone devices.

WhatsApp video call

Start a WhatsApp video call: what you need to know

Sometimes you don’t want to write or simply call anymore — reaching your WhatsApp contacts via video call is simple. Read on to find out how video call works and what some of the most useful WhatsApp video call settings are such as throttling your data, muting a call, or switching between cameras during a WhatsApp video call.

TikTok profile picture

TikTok profile picture (pfp): An overview

Your videos are not the only way to present yourself on TikTok, your profile is essential in presenting yourself to others. Your TikTok profile picture is an important element of your profile, which can be easily changed at any time. Keep reading to find out exactly how to do this, which specifications you should pay attention to, and how to create a picture with a transparent background.

Applications like TikTok

5 Applications like TikTok in comparison

The TikTok app has been inspiring a growing community for years, from its sophisticated choreographies to the latest chart hit or funny lip-sync videos from all over the world. There are several alternatives available in app stores for those who are critical of the app. We’ll be presenting five of these TikTok alternatives and explain their functions, differences, and advantages and disadvantages....

Reddit delete account

How to delete your Reddit account

As a versatile online forum and social news aggregator, Reddit gives users the opportunity to exchange ideas, share information, and create content. Posts that are well received are rewarded with upvotes, which are the equivalent of Likes on other platforms. However, if you want to turn your back on Reddit, that’s no problem: Our instructions will show how to delete your Reddit account.

Save WhatsApp photos

Save WhatsApp photos: which settings are important?

The instant messenger WhatsApp allows you to share more than text. Users can also send pictures or videos. Saving WhatsApp pictures is easy. Your images can be saved automatically, or you can save them yourself manually. We’ll show you step-by-step how Android or iPhone users can save WhatsApp photos directly to their smartphone in no time.

How to change Instagram name

How to change your Instagram name – step by step

Your Instagram username is the pathway you can use to find other users and be found yourself. If you want to change your own Instagram name, it is possible in just a few simple steps. We’ll explain step by step exactly how to change your Instagram name. Our article also reveals what you should keep in mind when changing your name!

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