WordPress cookie plugins

WordPress cookie plugins – the top 5 opt-in solutions

WordPress cookie plugins are an important component of any WordPress project because they ensure cookie compliance with a country’s legal requirements. Unless you’re using only technical cookies that are necessary for your website to function, you should ask a user’s permission to collect their information via cookies when they visit your WordPress site. Discover the five best plugins to create...

Cloud disaster recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery: well-prepared for worst case scenario

One of the biggest tasks for IT managers is to ensure the long-term security of data, software, and hardware. Where issues arise, a rapid recovery is essential. Cloud Disaster Recovery (Cloud DR) is a concept that is ideally suited for these purposes. But what exactly distinguishes cloud protection and how does it differ from conventional backup solutions?

Encryption software

Encryption software: A comparison of encryption tools

A good encryption software keeps your data secure. It enables you to easily protect a folder, hide hard drives, or sync encrypted data to a cloud, for example. Find out more information about recommended encryption tools and what they do, and get an overview of their advantages and disadvantages in our dedicated article.

Membership site

How to create a membership site, i.e. a password-protected website

It is not uncommon for websites to have a members’ area that contains exclusive content for registered members only in order to attract customers and foster loyalty long-term. Learn how to make a private website that requires a password, how to convert users, and what else you should consider when creating a membership site.

RAID level comparison

RAID level: the most important RAID concepts compared

When combining hard disks in a RAID, you can choose between different standard setups called RAID levels. The predefined combinations determine the arrangement of individual hard disks and methods to store data in a RAID network. But what are the approaches of the most important RAID levels? And which one should you use?

SSD life span

SSD life span: How long does a solid-state drive last?

SSD life span is an important factor in data security and efficient backup strategies. Are electronic flash memories as reliable as classic hard drives with magnetic storage? When does their service life end, and are there any indications of an imminent failure? What should you do in the event of an emergency? Is data recovery possible, and is it even worth it?

Facebook account hacked

Facebook account hacked: How to get your account back

Increasing cybercrime is making itself felt on social networks. Social media sites such as Facebook are integrated into everyday private and professional life and offer an ideal target for attack due to the large amount of personal data. Here’s what to do if your Facebook account has been hacked and your password was changed.

Twitter account hacked

Twitter account hacked - what to do?

In recent years, reports of compromised Twitter accounts have been piling up. If your Twitter account has been hacked, recovering the account is often not that difficult to do. In our article, we explain how you can tell whether your account has been hacked and what the next steps should be if this is unfortunately the case.

Instagram account hacked

Instagram account hacked - what to do?

As the popularity of a social network increases, so does the likelihood that users could become victims of hack attacks. Because of the many private photographs, Instagram accounts are often hacked, for the simple purpose of blackmailing the account’s owner. In this article we will show you how to recover your hacked Instagram account.


Cryptojacking: How to detect and protect against infection

Malware comes in many different forms, but the goal is always the same: making a profit. That of course is the case for illegal mining of cryptocurrencies, a practice known as cryptojacking. In cryptojacking, infected devices are misused to secretly mine cryptocurrencies – often as part of botnets. We explain how you can recognize cryptojacking and how you can protect your devices.

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