How to save audio from WhatsApp on Android and iOS

On Android, WhatsApp voice messages are automatically backed up in the Files app. There, they can either be moved or sent to be saved somewhere else. On iOS, however, you have to export your audio. You can send the audio to your email or save it in your phone’s files.

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How to save WhatsApp audio on Android

Step 1: The advantage of Android? WhatsApp voice messages are automatically saved. To check, go to “Internal Storage” in your file manager.

Step 2: Search for your WhatsApp folder and select “Media.” Here you’ll find the folder “WhatsApp Voice Notes” with your voice messages.


It’s possible to copy the entire “WhatsApp Voice Notes” folder and save it elsewhere. Just be careful to only delete or move files and not the folder, because otherwise WhatsApp might no longer work.

Step 3: Press and hold your selected WhatsApp voice message. You can now move it or send and save it via Quick Share or over Wi-Fi.


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How to save WhatsApp audio on iOS

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp chat with the voice message you want to backup and press down on the message.

Step 2: Select “Forward” from the options followed by the export icon at the bottom right. Here you’ll see various ways to download audio from WhatsApp.

Step 3: You can now send your WhatsApp voice message to yourself by mail, and then save it to your computer, for example. If you want to save the recording to your mobile, tap “Save to Files” instead. You can also forward messages to WhatsApp alternatives like Signal.


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