The best WooCommerce alternatives

Anyone that wants to sell products online through their WordPress site will come across WooCommerce sooner or later. The e-commerce software is one of the most popular and most-used in the world. However, other providers may bring greater advantages depending on the type of business. In this comparison article, we will look at the best alternatives to WooCommerce.

An overview of 14 WooCommerce alternatives

Provider Pricing plans (as of November 2021)
IONOS eCommerce Website Builder Basic version from $25/month
Shopify Basic version from $29/month
BigCommerce Basic version from $29.95/month
Volusion Basic version from $29/month
PrestaShop Free
PinnacleCart Basic version from $30/month
Big Cartel Basic version free, extended plan from $9.99/month
Simvoly Basic version from $12/month
Sellfy Basic version free, extended plan from $19/month
Selz Basic version from $26/month
Square Online Store Basic version free, extended plan from $12/month
Squarespace Basic version from $16/month
Magento Basic version free, Enterprise pricing plan depending on company
Shift4Shop Basic version from $29/month

All information is correct as of November 2021.


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A detailed look at WooCommerce alternatives

IONOS eCommerce Website Builder

The IONOS eCommerce Website Builder takes a comprehensive approach. This WooCommerce alternative supports you from the setting up of your online store, through to the management of the store and selling of your products. This means that the first steps can be done intuitively, and you don’t need extensive design skills or knowledge. Stores created with IONOS eCommerce Website Builder are responsive and work smoothly on all end devices. It also offers different payment methods and a shipping wizard, it can be connected to your social media channels, and has integrated business reports. IONOS offers four pricing plans that can be tailored to the needs of the store owner.

Suitable for: Thanks to the different pricing plans, the IONOS eCommerce Website Builder is suitable for all business models.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very good service Fee-based
Suitable for people without experience and professionals  
Wide range of functions  
Responsive design  


In recent years, Shopify has become a popular alternative to WooCommerce. The platform has many advantages, in particular the ease of use is a big plus for many users. Shopify takes care of many technical tasks in the backend and security-related aspects are also included in their offers. For example, an automatic fraud analysis helps to protect your business. If you experience any problems, Shopify offers excellent round-the-clock customer support. This WooCommerce alternative offers three different pricing plans.

Suitable for: Shopify is suitable for all business models.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to use Not all features are available in the free version
Excellent (technical) support  
Automatic fraud analysis  
Different pricing plans  


BigCommerce also wins over users because it is so easy to use, meaning that even beginners with no prior knowledge of programming can set up an attractive and functional online store quickly and easily. Thanks to its Content Delivery Network, this WooCommerce alternative is extremely fast and performs really well. Users can reach the support team at any time. Even though BigCommerce’s focus is on smaller businesses, medium-sized and large businesses can also benefit from the many advantages of this platform. It has a total of four pricing plans available to choose from.

Suitable for: While mainly small businesses benefit from BigCommerce, it is also a reliable platform for larger businesses.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to use Relatively expensive
Good customer support  
Different pricing plans  


Volusion adjusts its pricing according to the size and sales volume of a store. This is of course a real plus for smaller businesses. The platform is cloud-based and therefore does not need to be installed. This makes the first steps very easy. However, in comparison to other providers the options are more limited. For example, there are fewer language options to choose from. This also applies to the customer service, although the customer service team is always available to help users.

Suitable for: Volusion is mainly suitable for smaller stores.

Advantages Disadvantages
Fair prices Limited options
Can be used without any prior knowledge Fewer language options
No installation necessary  
Ready to use straight away  


The basic version of this WooCommerce alternative PrestaShop is free, which is why it is popular amongst business owners with a clear range of products and a small customer base. You have to pay for additional functions which are sometimes expensive but can also only be purchased as and when you need them. PrestaShop is quick and easy to install, so even beginners can get their online store up and running quickly. The sales platform offers a wide range of paid extensions.

Suitable for: PrestaShop offers everything that small online stores need.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free basic version Additional options can be expensive
Quick installation Basic version is quite basic in comparison to others
Wide range of extensions  
Users only have to pay for the functions that they actually use  


PinnacleCart is a WooCommerce alternative with a large fan base. This platform also takes the approach of delivering a complete package to the customer. PinnacleCart provides all the tools you need to set up your store, from day-to-day operation and to evaluation and optimization. The platform is user-friendly, responsive, and equipped with all the necessary safety features. Until now, this platform has mainly been used by the American market. This platform also does not have a CDN.

Suitable: In the USA, larger businesses also use PinnacleCart.

Advantages Disadvantages
User-friendly Only designed for certain markets
Lots of features No CDN
Works on all devices  
Very safe  

Big Cartel

As opposed to many other online store platforms, Big Cartel was designed with a small target group in mind. Many artists and bands have been using this American platform for a long time to sell their art or merchandise quickly and easily. It works particularly well because this WooCommerce alternative has a free version, and the risk of missing sales is relatively low. However, this version can only be used for up to five articles. In addition, Big Cartel does not have a lot to offer in terms of design or performance.

Suitable for: Big Cartel is aimed solely at artists and bands and is definitely an option worth considering for them.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free version and themes Few features
Easy to set up Maximum number of products
Four pricing plans to choose from Upgradeable support
  No version for larger businesses/stores


With its drag-and-drop interface, Simvoly allows you to design and build your own store quickly, even if you do not have any prior knowledge of programming and web design. This WooCommerce alternative is incredibly easy to use which is why it may be particularly popular amongst new businesses. A few more options and functions would improve this eCommerce tool and the customer service could also be improved.

Suitable for: Simvoly is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Advantages Disadvantages
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface Fewer features that many of its competitors
Easy to use Customer service could be better
Several different pricing options  


Sellfy is another cloud-based alternative to WooCommerce, and it wins over users with its easy operation. Sellfy offers small business, artists, and musicians that have a small range of products, and that want to present them online quickly and without lots of preparatory work, a good and partly free platform. The equipment is somewhat lacking when you compare the platform to its competitors, and for now the store builder is only available in English.

Suitable for: Sellfy is an interesting option for small businesses and artists.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy to operate Few features
Quick to set up Lack of language options
Good for digital products No shipping options
Free version available  


Amazon bought Selz, an Australian company, at the start of the year. The WooCommerce alternative wins over users with its intuitive drag-and-drop builder and it can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites. Selz also offers a range of different pricing plans. However, there is room for improvement when it comes to modifying your own store and the fee model for transactions.

Suitable for: Selz is primarily used for small stores and existing websites.

Advantages Disadvantages
Drag-and-drop builder Few customization options
Easy to use High transaction fees
Different pricing plans  
Easy to integrate into existing websites  

Square Online Store

As Square Online Store also offers a completely free plan, it is ideal for smaller businesses. There are fewer functions and users get less support, but the platform still wins over users because it is easy to set up and use.

Suitable for: Square Online Store is particularly suitable for small businesses that have a small range of products.

Advantages Disadvantages
Free version Comparatively few functions
Intuitive to use Few options for expansion
  Integration only possible to a limited extent


Squarespace was mainly designed with beginners and small stores in mind. The WooCommerce alternative offers four pricing plans and even the cheapest plan has a range of useful features. Squarespace works with a drag-and-drop builder and offers useful analytical tools, which you can us to optimize your store’s activities. However, with this alternative to WooCommerce transaction fees are relatively high.

Suitable for: Squarespace is particularly suitable for small businesses.

Advantages Disadvantages
Simple drag-and-drop builder Few expansion options
Good analytical options High transaction fees
Four different pricing plans  


Magento is a very popular alternative to WooCommerce and rightly has a good reputation. However, a distinction must be made between the free version and the relatively expensive paid version. The latter of course has significantly more features. Once it has been set up, the store is very user-friendly, but the setting-up process can be quite labor-intensive. The software has a good, responsive design.

Suitable for: With its different versions, Magento is suitable for all stores. The Enterprise version is, however, relatively expensive.

Advantages Disadvantages
Range of expansion options Relatively expensive
Free version also available Complicated setup


Shift4Shop is a cloud-based solution for your online store. Not only does it have over 100 themes, but it also offers a wide range of useful options for expanding your store. Shift4Shop has some great options for SEO optimization and good customer support.

Suitable for: Shift4Shop is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized stores.

Advantages Disadvantages
Range of themes and expansions Page structure not easy to understand
Very SEO-friendly  
Good support  

Summary: Alternatives to WooCommerce

If you are looking for an alternative to WooCommerce, there are a lot of different providers to choose from. For this reason, it makes sense to compare the offers before choosing the eCommerce solution that is best suited to your business and the corresponding sales and revenue expectations. It is important that you take into account not only the pricing plans, but also any possible transaction fees.


Create your perfect online store in just a few steps! With IONOS, you can benefit from an extensive range of additional functions, all the necessary safety features, and round-the-clock support.

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