How to create a creative email address

Along with messaging services and social media channels, email addresses are at the heart of personal and professional communication. That’s why it’s essential to have a cool email name that is easy to remember and makes a statement. When coming up with an email address, you can customize every part of the address, from the local part before the @ symbol to the domain that follows.

What are email addresses made up of?

Email addresses consist of the following three parts:

  • Local part: All components before the @ symbol form the local part of an email address. This can include first and last names, company names, fictitious names, numbers and terms.
  • @ symbol: This separates the local part and the domain part. The @ symbol is an integral part of every email address.
  • Domain part: After the @ symbol, you’ll find information about the domain of the email account. First is the domain name (usually the email provider), followed by a period. This is followed by a top-level domain (TLD) such as the generic TLDs (gTLDs) .com, .net or .org, country-specific TLDs (ccTLDs) such as .ca or .mx or sponsored TLDs such as .gov, .museum or .edu.

Depending on the email provider you choose, both the local and the domain part of the email address can be modified to create a cool email address.

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How to use the local part properly in free email addresses

With free email providers, you can choose the local part yourself when registering. However, this only works if your desired username has not yet been assigned to someone else.


Keep in mind that email addresses that are humorous, quirky or unique are generally only appropriate for personal use. However, there are exceptions. For example, artists or businesses that intentionally use humor and informal communication as their signature style may opt to use a humorous email address.

The following tips can help you think up a creative and cool email address:

Personalized or funny name combinations

Your email address does not necessarily have to follow the firstnamelastname@ or lastnamefirstname@ pattern. To make your address creative, humorous or out-of-the-ordinary, consider using nicknames, pet names, made-up terms, or a mix of your names, interests, and hobbies.


  • barbarabookworm@
  • dancingdivadonna@
  • astrologygoddess78@
  • thetravelingteacher@
  • catsruletheworld@
  • soccerislife@

Combine name, profession, qualifications and location

With private, free email addresses, the local part offers users the opportunity to emphasize a job, activity or qualification. This lets communication partners know more about who they are in contact with. In this way, it can be similar to giving someone your business card.


  • accountantfirstnamelastname@
  • teacherfirstnamelastname@
  • firstnamelastnamePHD@ / firstnamelastnameMA@
  • doctorfirstnamelastname@
  • firstnamelastnamelawyer@
  • hairsalon(city or name)@
  • nailsalon(city or name)@
  • centerformeditationandyoga@
  • cookinggroup(city or name)@

Play on words or Leetspeak

Witty and cool email names can also be created using puns or leetspeak. Try rephrasing or combining words in a funny way or thinking up puns. Leetspeak is another idea for a cool email address. It’s the online trend of swapping letters with numbers and/or special characters that are very similar to each other, e.g. 8 instead of B, 3 instead of E or 1 instead of I.

Examples of puns:

  • Hair salons: acutabovetherest@, hairallaboutit@, thehairport@
  • Cafés: freudiansip@, spillthebeans@, baguetteboutit@
  • Burger joints: burgershewrote@, grillenniumfalcon@, relishthethought@
  • Gaming: kingofloots@, highscorehardcorepaul@, minecraftmad@, harrydotter@

Examples of leetspeak:

  • 48S0LV7383G1NN32@ instead of absolutebeginner@
  • WH3R3STH3B33F@ instead of wheresthebeef@
  • K3W1@ instead of kewl@

What to do if your desired email address is taken?

A lot of free email addresses are made up of first and last names. However, no two users can register the same email address. If the creative email name you’ve come up with is already taken, you can get around this by using abbreviations, adding numbers or your date of birth.


  • lastnamefirstname@ instead of firstnamelastname@
  • use only the first three or four letters of your first name and last name
  • firstnamelastname/lastnamefirstname + date of birth
  • firstnamelastname/lastnamefirstname + favorite number/lucky number or a random combination of numbers in front of, behind or between your first name and last name.

How to create a creative email address with a custom domain

The local part of an email address can be customized, whether you are using a free email account or a paid email service. This is applicable to businesses, families, clubs, artists and organizations alike. With a paid email provider, you get extensive options for creating a custom email domain, providing you with more creative freedom. You can also go a step further and host your own mail server. While this does involve more administrative effort, you’ll have complete control over your email inbox, domain and email address.

When creating a professional and unique email name, choosing a professional, reputable email address is essential for businesses. Funny puns, fictitious names, nicknames or leetspeak can come across as unserious, resulting in customers being put off or with emails from your address being categorized as spam. When choosing a name, make sure that it matches your industry, your needs and your image.


Professional, serious and creative? These are the characteristics that an email address should have, especially if it’s being used for business purposes. You can create your own email address with IONOS.

The variety of custom domain extensions

With free email accounts, the domain part usually contains the provider’s name such as, or or country-specific TLDs from the ccTLD list such as .uk, .mx or .ca.

With the right provider or email server, you can use a variety of options to better categorize your TLD, for example, you can use regional references. Catchy and distinctive regional domain endings include .miami, .boston, .nyc.

If you want to use a domain extension to communicate your profession or hobby to others, there are also new domain endings that reference professional fields, companies, interests and industries such as .onlineshop, .beauty, .fashion, .photography, .hiphop as well as many other options. Clubs or even families can also create distinctive email addresses with a specific domain such as .club or .family. It’s also possible to combine widely used generic TLDs such as .com, .org or even .biz and .io with names, professions, cities and regions or hobbies.


Local part + @ symbol + (name/profession/hobby/city/region/company name).extension
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Examples of unique custom email addresses

The following examples are ideas for original, creative, professional email addresses with a self-defined local part and domain:

Family email address

Would you like to use a custom domain extension for your whole family? The new domain extension .family is available for this purpose. This allows you to use several personalized email accounts with individual names in the local part and family names in the domain part, so it looks something like this: An alternative option for a family email address could be this

Club email address

Members of a club or association can enhance communication among themselves and with external contacts by having personalized email addresses. Each member receives their own inbox, which simplifies managing, organizing, assigning and archiving digital correspondence. For clubs interested in creating their own email addresses, using the domain extension .club is a practical option and is typically formatted as Alternatively, the format can also be used.

Email address for company, profession or business

Business email addresses should be serious and professional. It’s best to avoid trying to make local parts and domain endings funny. Instead, you should focus on the essentials. Use the email address to make the company name, your position in the company, your role or your industry clear. Depending on the industry, sponsored top-level domains are also available. These are reserved for certain industries, organizations and institutions. These include .travel for travel companies, .jobs for personnel management or .museum for museums.

Here are some examples:

  • (or another regional TLDs)
  • branch(or)


Whether you are an amateur filmmaker, gallery owner or professional singer, choosing a domain extension like .art, .theater, .music, .film or even .hiphop can transform your email address into a vibrant display of your craft and industry.

Here are some examples:

  • galleryname(or)studioname@location(or)
  • artistname@location(or)agency(or)

Hobbies, interests, communities

Online communities are commonly based on hobbies and shared interests. For example, if you create content on social media for baking, cooking, handicrafts, music, dancing or DIY tutorials, you can consider making this clear in your email address.

If you want an address that focuses on hobbies and interests, you could do something like this:

  • firstnamelastname@(Name of social media channel).xyz

Domains centered around hobbies and interests aren’t as strict and don’t need a rigid structure, allowing you to be really creative. For example, you can use puns or leetspeak, like instead of the standard

What are the advantages of having a creative email address?

Your business email address is one of the first points of contact with customers. It should be professional and catchy, and depending on the industry, also creative and original. If you want to be playful or funny, it’s best to save this for your private email address.

You can use the local part, the domain and the domain extension of your email address to convey important information about your name, company or industry. A creative email name also lets you boost brand recognition and brand awareness. Use the potential of a personalized email address to stand out from the crowd when sending emails.


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