Jira’s software allows teams to collaborate more effectively. Jira specializes in assisting teams with designing project management, outlining work steps, and performing service management.

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What is Jira software?

Jira is a software application known as the market standard in project management, task management, and issue tracking. Jira is an excellent tool which outlines work steps and promotes collaboration in small or larger teams, particularly in the area of software development. The software was developed by the Australian company Atlassian and has been on the market since 2002. The unique name is derived from the Japanese name for the movie monster “Godzilla”, who is known colloquially as “Jira”.

What can Jira do?

Jira has several functions and thus can be used for a variety of purposes. The tool is mostly used in team specializing in software development; however, it can also be useful for those in non-technical areas. Jira functions as an overview and a planning tool which helps teams optimize their workflow. The software is aimed at administrators as well as users. Tasks are distributed on its platform where updates are shared and possible errors are identified and corrected as quickly as possible. It operates on a ticketing system whereby individual tasks are assigned and then processed.

Jira is particularly effective for the Scrum and Kanban project management methods. Small, medium, and extensive projects can be executed very effectively with the software. The detailed reporting function gives an overview of the project’s necessary documentation and allows new employees to easily join an existing team. Atlassian offers a variety of plugins and alternative software solutions for Jira, which are easily integrable to customize and optimize the workflow on multiple tasks.

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What versions of Jira are available?

There are three versions of Jira which users can choose from. Each version caters to a specific task area ensuring the best possible results for its users’ needs.

  • Jira Core is an all-rounder. With this version, projects can be planned and tasks assigned. On one side, administrators and team leaders maintain a comprehensive overview of the team’s progress. On the other side, employees have an overview of their pending tasks and deadlines. The comments feature also makes communication more efficient, keeping emails, meetings, and phone calls to a minimum. This is useful for teams who are not working in the same location.
  • Jira Software is specifically aimed at teams who are developing new software. In addition to the features of the Core version, this version allows users to create Scrum or Kanban boards. Sprints can also be set up and backlogs can be easily planned. This is particularly useful for agile working, where teams need to respond efficiently to new developments and demands. For this reason, Jira software is a worthwhile addition.
  • Jira Service Desk simplifies contact with customers or employees within a larger company. Tickets for inquiries, complaints, or messages can be created and assigned. This simplifies the workflow and improves customer satisfaction as questions and criticism are answered much faster.

How does Jira work?

Jira is online and therefore works independently of an operating system. The administrator, or in some cases, employees, create tickets for different tasks. Each ticket has a status, so it is clear which tasks have been completed and which are still pending. Changes made to a ticket are documented so that the already steps taken can be reviewed by the team. How exactly Jira is used depends on the team and their specific needs. The software is very flexible and can be optimized for different ways of working.

What are the benefits of Jira?

Jira can bring a lot of benefits. A more effective working environment can materialize if the software is used correctly. Resources are distributed in the best possible way and project managers and employees can recognize early on if additional manpower is needed for a task, meaning no time is wasted. In addition to this, time-consuming meetings can be held less frequently, as every team member has access to the project’s overview. Other advantages of Jira include:

  • Schedules can be created and amended as needed without omitting important work steps.
  • The software leads to significant time savings in many areas.
  • Teams that work together across borders and time zones function better. Individual employees can work on projects without any direct contact with one another, as tasks are clearly distributed and deadlines and progress are clearly shared.
  • Tasks can be organized according to priority.
  • Reports, statistics, and progress are displayed in real time. This means that everyone involved is always up to date.
  • A reliable data backup means a faster reaction to errors and problems.
  • Questions are answered quickly, clearly, and directly in the comments of each task’s ticket.
  • Jira is responsive, which means it can be used anywhere and on different devices.

Conclusion: What is Jira?

Although there are also several alternatives to Jira, the software still maintains its popularity. It is a worthwhile addition to companies and workspaces based on its reliability, clarity, and flexibility. Jira simplifies teamwork and leads to a more efficient workflow.

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