What to do when WhatsApp video call is not working

Most WhatsApp users have faced this question: what do I do when WhatsApp doesn’t work? A known problem is also that a WhatsApp video call doesn’t work or freezes. Since there isn’t always a clearly identifiable source of the error, we present the most common reasons and sensible solutions if your WhatsApp video call is not connecting.

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As soon as problems occur with WhatsApp, you should make a backup of your chats and media in good time, for example as WhatsApp backup with Google. In case of an emergency, you can then restore your WhatsApp chat data.

Why is my WhatsApp video call not working?

The following causes can be responsible if your WhatsApp video call is not connecting:

  • Missing WhatsApp update
  • No internet connection
  • Data saving mode activated
  • No app permissions for microphone and camera
  • Flight mode activated
  • Possible malware infestation
  • Problems on the call partner’s side
  • WhatsApp Server problems
  • Contact has blocked you
  • On WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp for Mac group video calls don’t work

A local WhatsApp backup or copies in a free online storage are good solutions. However, it’s better to store important data, contacts, and chats in the highly secure IONOS HiDrive cloud storage as a backup.

Possible solutions: What to do if my WhatsApp video call doesn’t work?

There is no blanket solution when a WhatsApp video call is not connecting as desired. These are the ways you can get WhatsApp’s video feature working again:

  • Restart: Often, just restarting your smartphone will solve the problem. Turn the device on and off and then try calling again.
  • Internet connection: WhatsApp requires a connection to the internet. So, the call might end if you leave the Wi-Fi without activating your mobile data or if the connection has been interrupted. Check to make sure you are still online.
  • WhatsApp update: Your WhatsApp might not be up to date and needs an update. To check if you are using the latest version, go to Google Play or the Apple App Store. Check the WhatsApp page there. The app will automatically update itself or show available updates.
  • Device settings: Settings such as airplane mode or data/power saving mode can prevent a video call. In flight mode, it’s not possible to connect to the Internet. So disable the mode if that is the case. If you have data saver mode enabled, turn it off before making a video call.
  • Virus scan: If the video call problems occur regularly, it’s recommended to run a malware scan with an up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Clear cache: Temporary files accumulate in the cache, which in rare cases can affect the performance of the app. Clear the cache by going to the settings on your device and then to the apps section. Here, go to the details page of WhatsApp and clear the cache.
  • Sync/restore contacts: Whether it’s individual or group calls on WhatsApp, if you’re having issues with the video, it may help to refresh your contacts via the bubble icon and then the three-dot icon. Likewise, it may help to resync your contacts via “Settings” > “Accounts”. Alternatively, you can restore WhatsApp contacts by using a backup.
  • WhatsApp reinstallation: If all else fails, you can first remove the app from the device and reinstall WhatsApp. Similar to restarting a device, some problems will solve themselves this way. However, be careful not to accidentally delete your WhatsApp account.

If implementing all these solutions don’t change the situation, contact WhatsApp Support.

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