Instagram profile picture zoomer: this is how easy it is

Instagram is the photo platform par excellence and yet it has a shortcoming. The profile picture cannot be enlarged by clicking on it, as in many other social networks. If you want to enlarge Instagram profile pictures, there are apps and websites that offer the solution. The photo stored as the profile picture is extracted from Instagram in its original size.

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Instagram profile picture zoom - A quick guide

  1. Open the corresponding app or website (see recommendations below).
  2. Enter the username of the desired profile in the search box.
  3. The profile picture will be displayed in full size.
  4. If the feature is available, download the profile picture. For some apps, it is also automatically saved in the corresponding app folder.

Enlarge Instagram profile pictures: What apps are available?

If you search for “Enlarge Instagram profile pictures” or “Instagram profile picture zoomer” in the iOS app store or Google Playstore, you will be offered countless apps to download. However, some of them do not offer the profile picture zoom function for free.

Two recommendations that let you zoom and download the image you are looking for for free:

  • Profile download for Instagram (HD)
  • HD Profile Picture Viewer

The functionality of this as well as other apps for zooming Instagram profile pictures is very similar.


If you are just getting started in the Instagram world, our guide on the topic picture sizes and video formats on Instagram will teach you the important basics.

Instagram profile picture zoomer: How the apps work

Once downloaded, there is usually no need to sign into the app. You can enter the Instagram user’s username in a search box directly on the app homepage. It does not matter whether the profile is public or private. Afterwards, the Instagram profile picture will be displayed directly, enlarged or in full size.

With some apps, it is then possible to download the image to your phone via a download button. In addition, you can save profiles in your favorites so that you don’t have to enter the username in the search bar again and again. Some apps also automatically save the profile picture in its original size in the corresponding app folder.

Differences between the zooming apps

The key difference between the apps is whether you can only view the profile picture or also download it (in different resolutions). In some apps, this feature is only available after you have registered (for a fee) or after you have watched a promotional video. The free apps are often full of ads, through which the app finances itself.

Some apps also have a history feature - so in addition to favorites, you can also find profiles again via your search history.


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Enlarge Instagram profile pictures: Popular sites

If you want to view a profile picture on your PC, the following websites are useful:


Zooming in works the same way here as it does in the apps. The latter two sites also bring additional features that allow you to download Instagram videos or stories, for example, and to specifically zoom in on individual Instagram images and save them to your device. All you need is the URL of the respective video or image.

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