Add A Website to Windows Server 2016 Using Host Headers

Learn how to configure a host header in order to add additional websites to a server with Windows Server 2016. This process allows you to host multiple websites with unique domain names on the same server and IP address.


    • A Cloud Server with Windows Server 2016.
    • A registered domain name which is pointing to the server's IP address.

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    Configure a Host Header

    Use Remote Desktop to connect to the server. On the Server Manager Dashboard, click Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

    In the Connections pane, click to expand the server entry, then right-click Sites.

    Click Add Website...

    Fill out the following information:

    • Site name: A title for the site (like Example Site)
    • Physical Path: Click ... and choose the directory where the site's files will be stored.
    • IP Address: Click the drop-down menu and select the server's IP address.
    • Host name: Enter the domain name for the site (like

    Click OK to add the site.

    The website will be added, and you will be able to view the website's files in a browser.

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