The most popular WordPress themes

WordPress is the most popular solution for the management of dynamic content worldwide. The open source application is primarily a blog software, but can easily be upgraded to a content management system or web store with a number of free plugins. WordPress is not only suitable for content providers such as bloggers and journalists, but also for companies who need a professional online presence or would like to offer products and services.

The layout and design of WordPress can also be adapted to fit various fields of application. Customizable themes are provided by a constantly growing community.


A theme is a design scheme that defines the presentation of the graphical user interface. For WordPress, themes refer exclusively to the user interface. The WordPress theme only changes the design of the frontend, or the presentation of the website in the browser. The backend, or the administrative area of your WordPress website, remains unchanged by the design guidelines of the theme.    

On you can find themes for the following topic areas:

  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Travel & Vacation
  • News
  • Photography
  • Portfolio

Themes are divided between free WordPress themes (available to website operators at no charge, but without a guarantee) and commercial offers, or premium WordPress themes, which include additional functions and support.


Numerous WordPress themes go beyond simple design details such as layout, typography, or color schemes and combine with plugins to provide additional functions such as animations, scrolling effects, photo galleries, sliders, carousel elements, or sidebars.

WordPress themes: selection criteria

Theme selection has a significant influence on the success of your WordPress website. While the design is ultimately a question of taste, it should always be tailored to the target group and purpose of the web project, and basic selection criteria apply in terms of functionality. We’ve gathered the most important points together into a short checklist for you:


  1. Mobile first: Is the WordPress theme optimized for mobile devices? Google’s mobile first approach factors mobile friendliness into a page’s success. A modern WordPress theme should not only present itself well on desktop screens, but also on mobile devices.

  2. SEO: Is the WordPress theme optimized for search engines? Make sure that the developer of your theme has search engine requirements in mind from the very beginning.

  3. Translation: Does the WordPress theme support all languages in which you want to present your content? If you want to offer international content, then your theme should support plugins for translation and multi-language capability such as qTranslate X or WPML. Since most themes are marketed in the English language, the translation function is typically only important if you want to use your WordPress theme for international markets.

  4. Plugins: Are all plugins you want to use supported? The compatibility of popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce or JetPack opens up various design options and additional functions that can’t be implemented with the core software alone. But pay attention: Every WordPress plugin presents an additional security risk. They also make you dependent on updates and bug fixes from the individual providers.

  5. Updates: Are there prospective software updates and bug fixes available? Make sure that your theme choice is up to date. Secure operation of your WordPress website is only guaranteed if the core software as well as the theme and all updates from the provider are regularly updated.

  6. Support: Does the developer offer professional support? Premium WordPress themes often offer extensive configuration possibilities. Decide on a theme with vendor support to quickly get competent help in case of any problems.

  7. License: Under which license is the theme available? The software license dictates which user rights the developer has granted you as end user – regardless of whether the theme is free or available for purchase. The WordPress development team recommends that users employ themes that are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), like the core software. This refers to free software.

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When selecting a WordPress theme, it’s helpful look at the provider’s documentation – as long as it’s available. You should also look at experience reports, reviews, and application examples from other users.


Software available under the GNU General Public License (GPL) isn’t always available for free. Instead, the license guarantees that your user freedom is in no way limited. If you use premium themes from WordPress-recommended providers, then you use a free software that you can run, study, change, distribute, and share with end users as often as you like.    

Free WordPress themes

On, you’ll find more than 5000 current WordPress themes available for free from third parties. Additional free themes can be obtained from provider websites. The offer can hardly be overlooked. To simplify your selection, we’ve put together a list of the most popular free WordPress themes with the GPL license.


All themes presented here are optimized for fast load times, are easily configured in the WordPress live customizer, offer search engine friendly URLs, and allow users to implement their own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as necessary.

Twenty Seventeen from WordPress

Since 2010, WordPress has been saying “A new year, a new layout”. To match this, the standard themes of the popular blog software have year numbers as names. The theme release is always linked to an update of the WordPress version. The newest member of the club: Twenty Seventeen.

Numbers and facts:

  • Provider: WordPress
  • Active installations: 1,000,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade:No upgrade possible
  • License: GPL

Twenty Seventeen came out with WordPress 4.7, and flaunts a business style with a big hero image and prominent headline. This is a design decision that clearly deviates from the reduced front end of its predecessor Twenty Sixteen. Both versions are currently among the most popular WordPress themes worldwide with between 800,000 and 1 million downloads.

WordPress users who decide on Twenty Seventeen receive a static landing page in one-page design with an unlimited number of sections. Content elements such as text or multimedia entries are optionally aligned to an asymmetrical grid with either one or two columns. Depending on the purpose of the website and the taste of the operator, Twenty Seventeen can be used with either a light or a dark color scheme.

The header photo can be replaced with a header video as desired. Use your own MP4 or integrate content already on YouTube. Each section on the homepage can be assigned a “featured image” in page width. The individual sections glide over the changing background, creating a lively scrolling effect.

Users of Twenty Seventeen don’t have anything to do with the heart of the blog software, the entry area, despite the static landing page in the scroller design. A section for dynamic content in entry format can be added as a menu point anywhere on the page, and allows website operators to continually publish new content. Blog entries can already be previewed in the overview.

Twenty Seventeen offers two menu lists: a horizontal navigation menu under the headline, and a social link menu in the footer. You can also place widgets (e.g. a calendar) in the footer area at the end of the website. Blog navigation, including a search function, can traditionally be found on the right side of the page.

As usual, all theme settings in WordPress are made via the clearly arranged live customizer. This allows website operators to simulate their website view for various end devices. Make sure that even smartphone users won’t miss a thing on your website.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Fonts predefined by theme  
✔ Static homepage in one-page design ✘ Predefined color schemes (user-defined color choices only include headline and accent color)  
✔ Scrolling effect    
✔ Multimedia element in header    
✔ Suitable for translation (Right to left (RTL) also possible)    

A live demo of the free WordPress theme can be found on


With Twenty Seventeen, WordPress delivered a solid blog theme with modern one-page design. Thanks to the user-defined homepage sections, the standard theme 2017 is suitable for hobby bloggers as well as for company use. The customization possibilities in the live customizer are limited, though. If you want to stand out from the crowd with your website, you should use a page builder, create child themes, or use your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Sydney from aThemes

The WordPress theme Sydney from aThemes also uses the header area as an eye-catcher. Outfit your website with either a hero image or header video. You can also present your visitors with a full screen slider of changing images on the homepage.

Other design elements are the animated headline (optionally with subline) as well as a call-to-action button. If desired, text elements glide from the right side into the picture. The speed of the slides can be individually customized.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: aThemes
  • Active installations: 200,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Paid full version Sydney Pro
  • License: GPL

If you prefer a more pure page, deactivate the header in the live customizer and send the navigation menu to the foreground. The header style is separately defined for the homepage and all other website areas. Sydney provides a horizontal header menu that remains attached at the top of the screen with transparent background when scrolling. This function can also be deactivated if desired.

As opposed to Twenty Seventeen, the individual sections of the homepage are not defined in the live customizer. Instead, the Page Builder from SiteOrigin as well as the Sydney Toolbox are required, which can be installed via plugin. The template of the homepage is customized in the WordPress dashboard.

If you don’t want to bother with creating user-defined templates, you can use a template from aThemes, including demo content, and fill it in with your own content. With the demo template from aThemes, you can create a homepage with a business look before you know it.

For the blog area, Sydney offers various presentation formats that can be selected directly in the live customizer. Particularly appealing is the masonry style, where blog entries including teaser and preview picture are arranged as tiles.

Headline and body fonts are defined separately in the Customizer. The color scheme of the WordPress theme can also be set as desired. Sydney offers an overall color scheme as well as separate color selection for the header, sidebar, and footer website areas. A full screen background image can be added if desired. The theme offers space for widgets in the sidebar as well up to four footer areas. As a responsive WordPress theme, Sydney can be adapted for the presentation possibilities of various end devices.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Customization of homepage sections not possible via live customizer  
✔ Static homepage in one-page design    
✔ Google fonts    
✔ Full color control    
✔ Full screen slider in the header    
✔ Suitable for translation    

A live demo of the theme can be found on the provider page.



With Sydney, aThemes offers WordPress users a free theme with extensive customization possibilities. The theme can also be used to create business-capable websites in one-page design. For the configuration of the homepage layouts using SiteOrigin’s Page Builder, though, users should plan for familiarization time.

Storefront from WooThemes

Storefront from WooThemes is directly tailored to the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce. The free WordPress theme focuses mainly on website operators who want to set up a WordPress shop.

Numbers and facts:

  • Provider: WooThemes
  • Active installation: 100,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Multiple paid plugins and child themes
  • License: GPL

Designed by the core developers of the e-commerce plugin, Storefront is characterized by good integration with WooCommerce and all WooCommerce extensions. While other themes distinguish themselves with header media and elegant scrolling effects, the developers of Storefront limited themselves to the essentials. The homepage displays either the blog area or a static landing page. Here, if the WooCommerce plugin is installed, visitors find product categories, recommendations, and offers.

The customization options are limited to the customary site identity settings for WordPress as well as extensive color settings. If desired, the header, footer, and website background as well as all text elements can be given user-defined color settings. If you use Storefront with the WooCommerce plugin, you can also create an individual color scheme for purchase buttons. An image can also be used as a header or website background.

Space for the typical WordPress widgets is found under the header, in the sidebar, or in up to four footer spots. For the blog area, layouts are available with sidebars on the right or left side. Menu lines can be placed as primary and secondary menus in the header. The theme also makes it possible to define a separate handheld menu for mobile devices.

WooCommerce offers the following plugins as free extensions for Storefront:

  • Cart tab
  • Product sharing icons
  • Sticky add-to-cart header

The cart tab plugin adds an icon with a counter to the top of the screen that displays to customers the number of products in their cart. A click on the icon opens a sidebar, in which the current selections can be modified. If the product sharing plugin is activated, the display for each product also shows social links to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as an e-mail sharing button.

The sticky add-to-cart plugin extends Storefront with an attached header that indicates which product the visitor is currently looking at and animates to encourage them to put it into the shopping cart.

Other extensions can be acquired for a fee. If you want to customize your web shop, then the Storefront extensions bundle is particularly interesting, which contains various design elements and allows a wide range of theme customizations.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Fonts predefined by theme  
✔ Optimized for WooCommerce integration ✘ Numerous features only available in the form of paid plugins  
✔ Scheme markup    
✔ Barrier-free    
✔ User-defined color scheme    
✔ Suitable for translation    

A live demo of the WordPress theme is available on the provider page.


For WordPress users who want to grow their page into a web shop, WooCommerce is the first choice. Storefront primarily attracts with an optimal integration of the e-commerce plugin. The plain theme is made attractive with a layout that is reduced to just the essentials. But users who are looking to draw customers with exciting design highlights will need paid extensions.

Zerif Lite from Themeisle

When scrolling down the homepage of the Zerif Lite theme, generous slide effects catch the eye. Each section of the static landing page in the scroller website design draws attention to itself with a discreet movement animation.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: Themeisle
  • Active installations: 100,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Paid full version Zerif Pro
  • License: GPL

The header is dominated by a prominent headline and two call-to-action buttons that appear in front of a static background. The header can optionally be outfitted with a parallax effect. Ideally, an optional motif is positioned in front of a background graphic. If the website visitor moves their mouse over the header, the two image elements move at different speeds. This creates the impression of spatial depth.

If you want to make use of the complete range of functions of Zerif Lite, you need the plugins Orbit Fox Companion and Pirate Forms. Both can be installed and activated for free via the WordPress dashboard. While Orbit Fox Companion extends the theme with predefined homepage sectionsthat can be easily modified with the live customizer, Pirate Forms provides a contact form.

If Zerif Lite is used with a static landing page, the following sections are activated in a predefined order:

  • Focus section: In the focus section, Zerif Lite provides space for any number of context boxes including headings and graphic elements. Themeisle provides the “Zerif our focus” widget for this purpose. Other WordPress widgets can also be added to this homepage section.

  • Ribbon section 1: The ribbon section is a narrow, transparent color field with a call-to-action button. The section offers an attractive scrolling effect where the element glides over the image in the web page background, and allows users to interact with the website. Button text and links can be individually modified.

  • About us: The “About us” section is an element of the Zerif Lite homepage that provides a self-presentation of the blogger or company. Two text elements and one list element are included in this section.

  • Our Clients: Would you like to decorate your website with the logos of your famous clients? In the “Our Clients” section, Zerif Lite provides corresponding widgets for integrating appropriate graphics – or, as needed, even links.

  • Our Team: In the “Our Team” section, the employees are the focus. Here, Zerif Lite gives the opportunity to present relevant contact names – including social links to selected communities as desired.

  • Testimonials: Satisfied clients are the best endorsement. With the testimonial widget, the section can bring selected quotes and reviews directly to the homepage.

  • Ribbon section 2: The second ribbon section is a color variant of the first ribbon section, without transparency. The call-to-action button once again gives you the opportunity to motivate website users to interact.

  • Latest News: Zerif Lite also gives this blog section its own spot on the homepage. It offers visitors in the appropriate sections with a taste of your site’s dynamic content.

  • Contact us: The last homepage section of the theme is the contact form – a highlight with its transparent background.

The predefined section labels can be edited as needed. Each section can also be deactivated separately. A homepage with a different order can’t be created with Zerif Lite, though. The same goes for color settings. The free version of the Zerif template only offers a predefined color scheme. Only the color of the website background can be individually modified (as long as the background image is deactivated). Further design options, such as user-defined color schemes and a custom order of homepage elements, can be unlocked with a paid update to Zerif Pro.

In the footer of the WordPress theme, you’re told which information you can present to visitors. The designer of Zerif Lite preset these website sections for contact information, copyright details, and social links. Widgets offer more design room which can be placed in up to three footer sections. Links to static subpages can be embedded in the header’s menu bar if required. The header, including menus, is automatically attached to the top of the screen when scrolling.

As a responsive WordPress theme, Zerif Lite automatically recognizes different display sizes and adapts fluently. Users can also find checkboxes in the extended settings that activate display modes with secure font or enhanced accessibility.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Predefined color scheme  
✔ Static homepage in one-page design ✘ Changing the order of homepage sections requires upgrade to Pro version  
✔ User-defined content blocks ✘ Fonts predefined by theme  
✔ Contact form    
✔ Customizable website background    
✔ Parallax effect    
✔ Suitable for translation (RTL)    

Themeisle also has a live demo of the WordPress theme available for interested users.


Zerif Lite impresses with an attractive color scheme and discreet slide effects. For a business page with a static landing page, there are predefined sections available with customizable content boxes. The design of the template can only be slightly adjusted in the free Lite version, however.

ColorMag from ThemeGrill

Most WordPress themes allow users to choose whether to display the post area or a static website as the landing page. ColorMag from ThemeGrill goes in another direction. Here, both options are deactivated in the standard settings. The homepage is instead made up of asymmetrically arranged tiles integrated by content widgets.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: ThemeGrill
  • Active installations: 90,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Paid full version ColorMag Pro
  • License: GPL

The layout of the theme in tile style is aimed primarily at content providers such as online magazines or news portals. But ColorMag also offers bloggers the possibility to clearly present entries for various categories.

The theme’s eye-catcher is a slider widget in the upper quarter of the homepage. By default, this presents visitors with the newest content in the form of a preview image including header and tags. On the right, next to the slider, is the highlight widget, which provides a platform for the most relevant entries on the website. As the visitor scrolls down, the content widgets, which can be assigned to a specific category, become the focus of attention.

A horizontal content section both at the beginning and the end of the page, two vertical sections in the middle, and a sidebar on the right margin, give you the option to highlight five overall content categories on the homepage. The needs of content providers such as online magazines or bloggers are accommodated by the advertisement widgets, which make up to eight advertising spaces available for display ads.

The header of the theme contains the headline of the website, including subline, as well as the horizontally-oriented main navigation. As needed, a header medium (image or video) can be placed in three different positions. The header ends with a bar containing the current date, an indication of the latest posts, and social links to relevant communities.

The footer of the theme consists of four footer widgets arranged next to one another, which each provide an individually-named content box. Content can be added with HTML markup as needed. At the end of the page, visitors find the same social widgets as in the header. A back-to-top button leads back to the beginning.

Customization of the layout is limited to four predefined layout options, which determine the order of the content widgets. For example, you can deactivate the boxed layout, where the header and footer are presented at page width. Color modifications are possible for accent colors and the website background. Each content category can also be assigned its own color. You can optionally set a background image. ColorMag is largely reserved when it comes to animation effects.

In the entry view, the header, footer, and sidebar homepage elements are retained. The rest of the page is filled with the respective article, an element with article suggestions (“This might be interesting to you”), and the comment function.

ColorMag is responsive and shows news and blog entries optimally on smartphones and tablets as well.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Limited color customization possible  
✔ Design in magazine style ✘ Fonts predefined by theme  
✔ More than 15 widget areas on the homepage    
✔ Widget for display ads    
✔ Suitable for translation    

If you’re interested in ColorMag, then take a look at the live demo of the free WordPress theme.


ColorMag sets itself apart from other WordPress themes through its homepage in magazine style. The options for customization are very limited, though.

OnePress from FameThemes

OnePress from FameThemes is a free WordPress theme primarily tailored to website operators who are looking for a business-suitable internet presence in one-page design. The theme has ten predesigned sections, which can be adapted to fit the needs of small or medium-sized companies. To use all of the theme’s functions, the plugin Contact Form 7 from Takayuki Miyoshi is required. Demo content can be sourced from the Demo Importer by FameThemes.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: FameThemes
  • Active installations: 60,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Paid full version OnePress Plus
  • License: GPL

The starting point of the OnePress homepage is the “hero” section, a multimedia element that serves a projection screen in the free version for any number of header photos that blend with each other at user-defined intervals. Users of the paid pro version can also integrate videos. Various animation effects are provided for the headline. With the appropriate settings, scrolling to the next section is accompanied by a parallax effect.

After the hero section come the following areas:

  • Features: Under “features” you define any number of particular attributes that are connected with your company or its products and services. Each feature is visualized using scalable icons. The theme uses the open source icon fontFont-Awesome for this.

  • About: The “About” section serves to present your company, and offers the opportunity to integrate any number of content boxes with corresponding information. You can also use this section to link subpages with further information, including preview picture and excerpt.

  • Services: In the service section, you highlight your business services. The theme also offers a grid in this section for user-defined content boxes, including icons. If desired, you can link to further pages.
  • Video Lightbox: The video lightbox allows you to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video. This section of the homepage is distinguished from others by a wallpaper with parallax effect.

  • Gallery: The gallery section provides space for photos. Choose from five different presentation formats. As image sources, you can use either a page of the WordPress project or your Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr account.

  • Counter: In the counter section, list relevant company numbers. The presentation in the browser is accompanied by an animation effect in which the numbers count from zero to the desired value.

  • Team: The team section of the homepage consists of four content boxes in the free version, which allow users of the theme to present employees including name, photo, and position.

  • News: In the news section, the entries of the CMS are linked. Here, the company offers website visitors a glimpse at the newest news articles, press releases, or blog entries, including headline, excerpt, and preview image.

  • Contact: In the contact section, OnePress provides a form area that allows visitors to contact the operator of the website.

Each section can be custom named and accompanied by animation effects when scrolling. Sections that aren’t necessary can be hidden by clicking on the corresponding checkbox. Changing the section order isn’t possible in the free version of the WordPress theme.

The OnePress WordPress theme permits rudimentary color modifications. Users decide on one custom accent color. Headers and footers can also be customized. For all other website areas, the color scheme is predefined: black, gray, and white.

There is no space for widgets on the theme’s homepage. As needed, though, these can be placed in the side bar of the blog area or integrated on optional subpages. The footer provides space for newsletter registration and social links. The back-to-top button can be deactivated as desired. The same goes for all animation effects of page sections.

As one of the most-used WordPress themes worldwide, OnePress displays well on mobile devices as well.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Fonts predefined by theme  
✔ Static homepage in one-page design ✘ Widgets only integrated in sidebar  
✔ Contact form ✘ Changing the order of homepage sections requires upgrade to Pro version  
✔ Parallax scrolling effect    
✔ Suitable for translation    

Further insight into the free WordPress theme is offered by the live demo on the provider page.


With OnePress, FameThemes targets small and medium-sized companies that want to present their business online with a modern one-page design. However, the design options are limited. If you want to use OnePress professionally, you should upgrade to the paid Pro version.

Hestia from Themeisle

Hestia from Themeisle also offers website visitors a visually stunning welcome. The homepage in one-page design is dominated by a hero image and prominent headline. A subline, call-to-action button with URL link, or horizontal navigation menu can also be added as additional elements.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: Themeisle
  • Active installations: 50,000+
  • Price: Free
  • Possible upgrade: Paid full version Hestia Pro
  • License: GPL

Website visitors receive further information as they scroll. In the standard installation, the Hestia homepage offers the following sections after the headline:

  • About us: A text box containing the description of the website operator – for example, a company – with an optional background image.
  • Widgets: In the widget area, you can integrate any number of WordPress widgets (for example, the newsletter function or a promo video).
  • Blog: The blog section is used for the publication of dynamic website content.
  • Contact: The contact section provides space for company contact information.

Other homepage sections can be added by plugin as necessary. For example, WooCommerce upgrades the Hestia homepage with a shop section. Themeisle recommends the Orbit Fox Companion plugin, which expands Hestia with the business-oriented team, testimonials, and features sections.

  • Team: The team section gives you space to present your employees.
  • Testimonials: The testimonials section brings light to satisfied customer reviews.
  • Features: The features section focuses on your products or services.

In each section, you can create as many content boxes as you want for employees, customers, or product details. The business sections from Orbit Fox Companion also have various standard icons available for visualization and social links.


The order of the homepage sections is predefined by the theme, and cannot be modified in the free version.

In addition to the homepage, other static subpages can be integrated as navigation points. For blog entries and static page areas, layouts are available with right- or left-oriented sidebars. This can also be left out entirely, if desired.

The configuration of the WordPress theme is done via the live customizer. If you don’t like the preset boxed layout, you can opt for a simple version without shadows or 3D effects. User-defined background images allow for a customized website design. Typographic adjustments for headlines and body content can be made separately. Thanks to its responsive design, Hestia adjusts itself to the screen sizes of the respective end devices.

Benefits Drawbacks  
✔ Responsive WordPress theme ✘ Changing the order of homepage sections requires upgrade to Pro version  
✔ Static homepage in one-page design    
✔ User-defined website background    
✔ User-defined fonts    
✔ Contact form    
✔ Suitable for translation (also RTL)    

Hestia provides WordPress users with a solid foundation for a professional business website, and offers an alternative to Sydney, Zerif Lite, or OnePress.

Premium WordPress themes

Those who choose the world’s most popular blog software will find a vast selection of free themes on the provider’s website. WordPress also recommends some carefully selected providers who serve the commercial segment. Their premium WordPress themes are also available under the open source GPL license, but the offer is supplemented with paid additional features and services. Depending on the business model, users either pay a one-time download fee, purchase a service subscription, or upgrade free basic packages with commercial extensions. We present the best WordPress themes in the premium segment here.

Neubau from Elmastudio

Neubau from Elmastudio is a minimalistic WordPress blog theme primarily suited for website operators who want to place their photo content in the foreground. Photographers, travelers, or food bloggers, in particular, benefit from its layout, which focuses on a reduced formal language and typographic white space.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: Elmastudio
  • Price: 18€ (single theme) / Bundles available
  • License: GPL

The attention-getters of the comparatively inexpensive premium WordPress theme are the preview pictures of the first entry and the oversized text elements. As the visitor scrolls, the headline shrinks to a quarter of its original size and fits perfectly into the header. It attaches itself to the top of the screen, and accompanies the viewer through the website.

While the most important content is attached “above the fold” in the form of sticky posts, dynamic content is arranged in the lower part of the homepage using a three-column tile layout. When visitors reach the end of the page, additional content is automatically loaded.

For the entry view, Elmastudio’s web designers chose a two-column layout in an elegant magazine style. The preview image shifts to the sidebar on the left side. There, you can also find the subtitle and space for a detailed image description. If necessary, the sidebar can also function as a widget area. Neubau supports all standard WordPress widgets. Other elements can be integrated using the developer-recommended Jetpack plugin. This makes sharing buttons, carousel slideshows, an image gallery, and infinite scrolling functions available to users.

Neubau is based on the interplay of two fonts: Amiri and Work Sans. As typographic design elements, highlighted teasers and initials are located at the beginning of the article. Quotations can be set off from the continuous text if desired. Info boxes, buttons, and column layouts can be integrated using shortcodes.

Social links and a comment function at the end of each entry invite interaction. A contact form based on Contact Form 7 is available for personal messages. At the end of each page, visitors will find a footer. This provides up to three columns for widgets (for example, the page search). Text elements – for example, a short “about” section – can also be integrated.

User-defined color settings and a logo – as an alternative or addition to the headline – allow for broad individualization of the WordPress blog theme. Elmastudio provides a rudimentary manual on how to customize your theme using your own CSS.

Neubau can be purchased as a single theme including 12 months of download access, updates, and support. Users can also choose the available Elmastudio theme böundle. This guarantees 12 months of download access for all 31 premium WordPress themes from the provider, including updates and support. In both cases, Elmastudio offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

✔ Responsive WordPress theme  
✔ Translation capable (Developer recommends Loco Translate)  
✔ Infinite scrolling  
✔ Attachable entries (“sticky posts”)  
✔ Contact form  

A demo of the premium WordPress theme can be found on the provider’s website.


Neubau from Elmastudio invites blogging. The minimalistic design places content in the spotlight and is suitable for powerful art and architecture blogs as well as beauty or fashion sites.

ShoutOut from GretaThemes

ShoutOut from GretaThemes is perfect for musicians who want to promote their art on the internet. The premium WordPress theme is characterized by a modern design and numerous features for singers, instrumentalists, composers, DJs, and bands.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: GretaThemes
  • Price: $59 (single theme) / Bundles available
  • License: GPL

“Above the fold” receives ShoutOut website visitors with a split landing page. While the left side of the headline is reserved, a hero image is in place on the right. The main menu attached itself horizontally to the upper margin of the screen. A vertical social links menu invites visits to social networking pages.

The highlight of the theme is the “sticky player”, which accompanies visitors through the website on the bottom margin of the screen and gives musicians the opportunity to prominently present samples of their work.

In the upper-left corner, a pop of color draws the eye to the menu button. One click opens a sidebar, which provides space for a media menu and classic WordPress widgets. Other homepage segments allow for the presentation of image and video material in decorative sliders. Playback is handled on a separate page.

In addition to text, photo, and video, ShoutOut also supports the special content categories “album” and “event”. For each album, a separate subpage including a player is created. For entering events, the theme contains an event calendar. In the blog section, dynamic content is arranged in a tile-design post overview. News articles, press releases, or a tour blog can be decoratively presented with oversized preview images.

ShoutOut is also available to WordPress users at a manageable price. In addition to the option to purchase the premium theme individually, including one-year support, GretaThemesalso offers a premium bundle and a lifetime bundle with unlimited provider support.

✔ Responsive WordPress theme  
✔ Various music players (sticky player, album player, player in hero element)  
✔ Instagram feed  

Discover other functions of the theme in the live demo.


ShoutOut offers all basic functions that musicians need to bring their career to life with its own WordPress website.

Novara from Themetry

Like Neubau from Elmastudio, Novara from Themetry also impresses with its reduced design. Design elements are kicked to the background, allowing content to be shown off to its best advantage. This is especially true for photos, which look quite impressive in this theme. Images are arranged in asymmetrically-placed content boxes within a tile layout, and function in combination with the entry headline as a preview element. Particularly relevant content can be tagged as “featured content” and attached to the upper part of the content box in enlarged form. Novara uses the Jetpack plugin for this.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider: Themetry
  • Price: 69€ (single theme) / Bundles available
  • License: GPL

The headline and an optional logo are found on the left, next to the content box space. The sidebar with the navigation menu is located below. The minimalistic homepage leaves plenty of room for white space, and looks modern and tidy as a result. A custom background image can also be set as an eye catcher.

Website visitors who reach the end of the home page can access further content using the “Load more” button. For this, Novara uses the Jetpack plugin, which provides the infinite scrolling function. On the demo website, a social links menu is also placed at the end of the page. The theme provides icons for the most popular communities.

The customary footer for most WordPress pages has been omitted in this premium theme in favor in minimalist design. Instead, a widget section with a “More” button can be inserted in the top screen margin. Visitors who click on a tile in the photo grid on the homepage are taken to the post view with a monochromatic content box. Novara provides various style elements for the text design. The navigation menu can be individually designed and provided with dropdown elements as desired.

Themetry offers two pricing options for interested users: All premium WordPress themes can either be purchased individually or in a package (Theme Club). Each theme is provided with 1-click updates and website support. Customers can also acquire free access to video tutorials from WP101. If you decide on the Theme Club, then you gain access to all Themetry themes as well as professional support for any number of websites.

✔ Responsive WordPress theme  
✔ Infinite scrolling  
✔ Foldout widget section  

A preview is provided by Themetry on the product website.


Novara from Themetry is a WordPress blog theme that reinterprets the classic WordPress layout with a reduced format. The theme doesn’t show off with smoke and mirrors. Instead, the visitor’s view is directed straight to the website’s content. The premium theme is particularly well suited to travel blogs or online diaries.

Vigga from

Vigga from is all about fashion and beauty. The minimalistic WordPress blog theme can be expanded into an online shop with corresponding design as needed. Its target group includes fashion bloggers, designers, stylists, and trendsetters.

Numbers and facts

  • Provider:
  • Price: 42€ (single theme) / Bundles available
  • License: GPL

The upper part of the homepage welcomes visitors with the “Featured section”. If the premium theme is used with the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce, then the most important shop categories are usually presented here. Website operators have three areas available for preview photos, including title and link.

The navigation menu is located in the center of the top margin, and is not attached by default. A slim sidebar on the left side provides space for social links or an RSS feed. In the shopping section of the theme, the classic WooCommerce template is used – optically matched to the theme. The sidebar on the right side can be equipped with widgets in corresponding designs.

The highlight of the premium WordPress theme is the blog section with “Algorithmic Article Design”. Vigga presents visitors to this section with a post preview in tile layout. How the individual posts are displayed is automatically determined by factors such as the image orientation or the format of the preview image.

There are diverse typographic design elements to choose from for blog entries. For example, users can add accents such as intros, quotes, headlines, tables, lists, or links. For the sidebar on the right, a user-defined “about” widget is provided. Each post can be concluded with a custom blog signature. Graphic can be created for free using the signature creator. At the end of each subpage, the WordPress theme provides a spacious footer area. An Instagram feed can be embedded here, if desired.

Vigga – like all premium WordPress themes – is outfitted with unlimited support. Support queries are accepted exclusively by registered customers via a ticket system.

✔ Responsive WordPress theme  
✔ WooCommerce shop in theme design  
✔ Algorithmic article design  
✔ Instagram feed  

Interested parties can find a demo of the theme on the provider page.


With a stylish design and integrated web shop, Vigga is perfectly made for independent designers and small fashion labels.

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