WordPress table plugins: 6 solutions for your website

With WordPress tables plugins you can add tables on WordPress sites. Examples of these plugins include TablePress, Ninja Tables Pro, wpDataTables, WP Table Builder, Visualizer, and the Data Tables Generator, some of which are free and some of which are fee-based. Simple tables can be included on a WordPress site without using a plugin thanks to the Gutenberg editor.

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Why should you use a table plugin?

Using a WordPress plugin to create tables makes sense as soon as you have content that you want to display in a sorted or juxtaposed way. Although it is also possible to insert tables on WordPress without a plugin, this endeavor is very limited in terms of design. With the help of a table plugin, you can create visually appealing tables and can also make use of additional features, such as add-ons, filters, and import/export functions.


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An overview of the WordPress table plugins

Plugin Provider WordPress version No. of installations Price
TablePress Tobias Bäthge 5.6 or higher 800,000+ Free
Ninja Tables Pro WPManageNinja LLC 4.5 or higher 70,000+ Free version & pricing models from $49 annually
wpDataTables TMS-Plugins 4.0 or higher 60,000+ Free version & pricing models from $59 annually
WP Table Builder WP Table Builder 4.9 or higher 50,000+ Free version & pricing models from $39 annually
Visualizer ThemeIsle 3.5 or higher 40,000+ Free version & pricing models from 99€ (around $105) annually
Data Tables Generator Supsystic Compatible up to 5.9.3 30,000+ Free version & pricing models from $46 annually


The table plugin TablePress is an internationally popular tool that enables the user to add and edit tables on a WordPress website. The table can be inserted via shortcode, while the editing takes place on a separate interface. This means that no programming knowledge is required.

If you decide to use TablePress, you will need at least WordPress version 5.6. The plugin is free and has the following additional features, among others:

  • Content such as text, images, numbers, links, and formulas can be inserted
  • JavaScript library meaning users can search, filter, sort etc. content — TablePress example table for illustration purposes
  • (Bulk) import and (bulk) export of tables
  • Design changes e.g. color and size are possible via CSS code
  • Preview of table available
Advantages Disadvantages
Simple table creation without programming knowledge CSS coding is needed for color and size changes
Positive reviews & over 800,000 active installations Not suitable for too large data volumes
Active support help Only limited design options
Many additional features like JavaScript library and import/export  

Ninja Tables Pro

The WordPress tables plugin Ninja Tables Pro is one of the most popular products from the provider WPManageNinja. Advanced customization features, filtering options, and a user-friendly layout are just a few of the things that make the plugin stand out. WooCommerce and Google Sheets can be linked to Ninja Tables Pro. This way, for example, products can be clearly presented in your own online shop.

Besides the Pro version of Ninja Tables, there is also a free version that you can download on WordPress. However, this plugin has significantly fewer features. In contrast, Ninja Tables Pro’s single-site offer costs $49 per year, but offers numerous additional features like these:

  • Media files (photos and videos) attachment
  • Cell connection
  • Extensive table design, including color customization — for comparison, see the sample tables from Ninja Tables
  • Import and export (also in the free version)
  • Custom CSS & SQL
Advantages Disadvantages
Numerous customization features Pro version costs $49 per year or $199 for lifetime use (for one website)
Media attachments (images and videos) possible Free plugin version with very limited functionality
WooCommerce and Google Sheets integration Support speed often criticized
Export and import  


wpDataTables is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create tables and charts. The showcase page on the official website shows the various options available to you in terms of design. From schedules to price tables, everything is possible. Other plus points of the plugin are, for example, its responsive design and the transformation of data from Excel, CSV, etc. into table format.

The basic version of wpDataTables costs $59 per year and $189 for lifetime use. There’s a free plugin variant, but it is only suitable for simple tables. Additional functions that wpDataTables offers, for example, include:

  • Advanced filter functions
  • Formidable and Gravity form add-ons
  • Integration with Elementor, Gutenberg, and more
  • Various column types can be configured
  • Inline table editing
  • Create and edit charts
Advantages Disadvantages
Many design options for diverse purposes Basic version costs $59 per year or $189 for lifetime use (for one domain)
Turn Excel files and other data into tables Free variant only suitable for simple tables
Integrations and add-ons  
Create and edit diagrams  

WP Table Builder

The WordPress table plugin WP Table Builder provides you with a tool to create tables and place them on the website using drag-and-drop. As with other plugins of this kind, no manual programming is required. The creation process is simple and is explained in detail on the website in a how-to video. Simply click on the “Watch it in action” button.

WP Table Builder has a free version that has the most important features like inserting images as well as cell design. If that is not enough, you can use the starter offer for one website. This costs $39 per year and boasts the following additional functions, for example:

  • Arrange/organize with drag-and-drop
  • Predefined templates
  • Duplicate/split columns and rows
  • Various frame colors
  • Priority support
Advantages Disadvantages
Drag-and-drop interface Starter offer costs $39 per year
Simple creation process Many features not included in free version
Good selection of insertable content  
Cell design and even more  


If you use the plugin Visualizer from the software developer ThemeIsle, you can construct not only individual tables, but also relatively diverse charts. A great advantage is the fact that you can automatically synchronize with online files (e.g. from Google Sheets), which ensures that your content stays in the same state. You can choose how often this process should take place.

The free variant of Visualizer has a clear selection of table and chart options. If you want access to a wider range — especially in terms of graphics — you will have to purchase the paid version, as is the case with other plugins. The private offer for website owners and bloggers costs $105 per year and includes the following:

  • Design various diagram types — for comparison see the Visualizer demo page
  • Live editor and option to preview tables
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Data import and synchronization
  • (Email) support and updates for one year
Advantages Disadvantages
Diagrams possible as well as tables Private offer costs $105 per year
Import and synchronize data  
Live editor & preview option  
Free version offers a lot  

Data Tables Generator

The Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is a WordPress table plugin that enables you to create data tables. The provider also has a “Pricing Table Builder” plugin on offer, which is specifically for pricing tables. Create unlimited table rows and columns, add content like texts, images, etc., use the CSS editor and much more. You can get a good first impression from the plugin’s introduction page by looking at the sample table and video tutorial.

The free version of Data Tables Generator comes with a wide range of features, including those already mentioned above. If that is not enough, you can take advantage of the plan that costs $46 per year and benefit from the following additional features, among others:

  • Import and export tables
  • Create diagrams
  • Print button
  • Edit and save fields
  • Specify who can edit tables, for example
Advantages Disadvantages
Extensive free version Private offer costs $46 per year
Unlimited rows and columns Some features only available in paid version — e.g. import and export
Various contents can be inserted into cells  
CSS editor and lots more  

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Insert table with plugin: Example TablePress

To create WordPress tables using a plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into WordPress to access the dashboard of your WordPress website. In the left sidebar, first click “Plugins” and then “Install”.
  2. You will now be shown a list of various plugins. Enter the tool you are looking for — e.g. TablePress — in the search bar at the top right.
  3. Select “Install” and then “Activate” to add the plugin to your website tools. It can be found in the left column of the next page.
  4. When it comes to TablePress, the option “New table” will be available. The table can be titled and captioned as well as customized in terms of columns and rows.
  5. Click on “Add table”. Your table will now be displayed under “Table contents” and can be filled with the desired contents. Under “Edit functions” and “Table settings”, you can make any further adjustments.
  6. Save your result at the very bottom with “Save changes”. Then copy the shortcode of your table named at the very top: [table id=1 /]
  7. Next, go to the WordPress page where you want to place your table. In the appropriate place, type /shortcode and in the new search bar, enter your previously copied table shortcode.
  8. Last but not least, click on “Publish” and “View post”. Your created table is now visible online.
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Insert table without plugin: WordPress Gutenberg

It is also possible to insert tables on a WordPress site without using a plugin. The solution is: WordPress Gutenberg. With this editor (which replaced the former standard editor TinyMCE as of WordPress version 5.0), you can insert tables in the form of content blocks. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your WordPress site and click on the area where you want to place the table.
  2. Select the black icon with the plus sign. A new window will open where you can search for the table block. Alternatively, it is possible to enter the following shortcode in a new block directly on the page: /table
  3. Now set the number of rows and columns that you want your table to have. There are also various customization options available in the toolbar and the right editor sidebar.
  4. While creating the table, you can fill it with the desired content, or alternatively wait until it’s fully completed. Click on “Publish” or “Update” to put your table online.

Table plugins are just one of many practical plugin variations with which you can optimize your WordPress website. Also recommended are, for example:

- WordPress SEO plugins

- WordPress AMP plugins

- WordPress slider plugins

- WordPress table of contents

- WordPress news plugins

- WordPress menu plugins

- WordPress social media plugins

But beware: if you use too many plugins, your website performance may suffer. Fortunately, there are various tools that can be used to make WordPress faster.


The WordPress table plugins we’ve introduced here are handy tools that you can use to increase the clarity and user-friendliness of your website. Do you have an online store? List your items with appealing product pictures and all-important info in a structured way. Do you have events planned? Inform users about times, locations, and ticket prices. Even simple tables can make a big impact.

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