How to use Valheim admin commands

The Valheim admin commands can give you more abilities and items if you are an administrator on your own Valheim server or on someone else’s. Server commands can also be used to configure server and player settings as needed. We’ll give you an overview of the most important commands.

What are Valheim server and admin commands?

Valheim is a Viking survival game. The server and admin commands in Valheim configure your server and facilitate the gameplay. Server commands are important for setting up a Valheim server and determining specific player rules. Server and admin commands also play an important role in server migration. If you are also interested in creating an ARK dedicated server, check out our ARK server commands overview.

Valheim admin commands offer a wide range of additional settings, abilities, items, weapons, and special resources. They allow admins to define the rules for every player or individual players, and game functions. Connection checks, chat functions, player locks and map functions are also included in this category. The boundaries between admin and server commands are relatively fluid. You will find a list of all commands in our overview.

How to use and save Valheim admin commands

Open Steam to run admin and server commands. Go to your library and right-click on “Valheim”. Click on “Properties” and select “General”. You will see “Startup options” here. Type - console and start Valheim. The [F5] key opens the Input Console, which you can use to enter admin and server commands. Press [Enter] to execute commands. Enter the command help in the console for an overview of the most important admin commands.

Proceed as follows to grant other players on the server admin rights to also use admin commands:

  1. Open the Valheim web interface and go to “Settings” at the bottom left.
  2. Click on “Configuration files”.
  3. Edit the file adminlist.txt. This usually opens automatically.
  4. Add players to the list with their associated Steam ID to make them admins.
  5. Click “Save settings” after adding all the players.

Important Valheim admin commands

There is a large crossover between commands for server configuration and for administrative configuration. We do not divide our overview into admin commands and server commands for this reason.

Server Command Function
Ban [name/ip/userID] This command permanently bans a player from the server with the player name, player ID and IP.
Unban [name/ip/userID] This command unbans a player with the player’s tag.
Kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks players off the server immediately without permanently banning them.
Banned Lists all players banned from the server.
Save Saves the current game world on the server.
Help Lists the available admin commands.
Info Lists the current system information.
Ping Executes a ping command to check your server’s latency.
Lodbias [Value] Defines the level of detail of distant objects. Distances from 0 to 5 can be specified in “Value”. The command is similar to the “Draw Distance” slider in the Options menu.
Debugmode Debug mode allows you to fly, build without material costs and kill monsters in your environment by pressing a button. Type “devcommands” into the console, press [Enter] and type “debugmode” and press [Enter] again. [K] is used to kill all nearby monsters, [B] to disable build costs, [L] to remove dropped items, and [Z] to fly.
ListKeys Lists all current global keys that affect the entire server.
SetKey [name] Adds a specific global key to the server.
ResetKeys Resets all global keys.
RemoveKy [name] Removes a specified global key from the server.
S [message] Sends a message to the game chat.
Say [message] Adds a message to the chat.
W [player] [message] Sends a whisper message to selected players.
God Gives you invincibility in God mode.
ExploreMap Explores the entire game map.
NoMap Hides the map from all players on the server.
NoPortals Disables portals on the server.
ResetMap Hides the entire game world’s map.
GenLoc Redistributes all unplaced objects on the map.
PrintLocations Lists all loaded locations including distance and offsets to players.
Pos Displays your current position on the world map.
Goto [x] [y] [z] Teleports you to the specified coordinates on the map.
Location Sets a new spawn point.
Find [text] [pingmax] Locates and pins objects on the map.
Players [number] Defines the players’ difficulty level.
Spawn [Item/Anemy] [Quantity] [Level] Generates objects or opponents with corresponding values.
Itemset [name] [keep] Spawns an item and uses the keep tag to ensure that your character does not drop the objects.
Respawn Causes your character to die and respawn.
ResetSpawn Resets the current location for spawns.
raiseskill [Skill] [Level] Increases the specified skill by the defined value.
resetskill [Skill] Resets the specified skill to 0.
SetPower [name] Assigns “forsaken power” to a specified player and resets the cooldown.
Heal Heals your character.
KillAll Kills all enemies in the immediate vicinity.
Tame Tames all creatures in the immediate vicinity, if they can be tamed.
RemoveBirds Removes active birds from the immediate area.
RemoveFish Removes active fish from the immediate area.
RemoveDrops Removes loot items in the immediate area.
PrintCreatures Lists all active creatures, their number and levels.
NoCost Disables all material and construction costs.
Puke Resets values for hunger, health and endurance.
Ghost Activates Ghost mode, whereby enemies ignore your character.
ForceDelete [radius=0] Removes objects in the specified radius (except players, tombstones, dungeons, boss stones, vegvisirs, valkyries and points of interest.
Skiptime [number of seconds] Moves the time forward by the defined number of seconds.
Time Displays the current time and sleep status.
Timescale [target = 1] [fadetime = 0] Accelerates the game speed by 3 times at most. The time can be stopped with a Fadetime value of 0 . The acceleration’s duration can be defined in Fadetime.
Death [0-1] Sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are for midnight, -1 is for morning and 0.5 is for noon.
Event [name] Triggers a named event.
RandomEvent Triggers a random event.
StopEvent Stops a current event.
Wind [angle] [intensity] Influences the wind intensity.
ResetWind Resets the wind force to the default value.
ClearStatus Clears all the player’s status effects.
AddStatus [name] Assigns status effects to a selected player.
FreeFly Activates photo mode with the free-moving camera.
Model [0 or 1] Changes your figure’s body type. 0 stands for male, 1 for female.
DpsDebug Activates the display for the DPS debug.
Test OldComfort Resets the game to the old calculation which hasn’t been optimized.
OptTerrain Upgrades the old terrain to the new terrain system (Valheim update 0.150.3).
TutorialReset Resets the tutorial messages.
TutorialToggle Determines whether tutorials are displayed.
Fov [number] Defines the players’ field of view. The default is 120.

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