How to write and optimize order confirmations

An order confirmation is a written document confirming the acceptance of an order for a service or product. In this article we’ll be looking at email order confirmations as these are the most used form today. An email order confirmation should contain all the details relating to the order such as the service or product purchased, customer details, the order number and so on. There are also a few things to avoid doing, some of which are regulated by the government. Let’s take a closer look.

What is an order confirmation?

An order confirmation confirms an order made by a customer to them. It is a document that acts as a certification that an order has been placed. It may be an order for a product or service. In terms of products that are sold online the order confirmation will generally be sent via email.

One of the purposes of an order confirmation is to provide the customer with precise information about the order placed. This allows both parties, buying and selling, to double-check whether an oversight or mistake has been made. As a rule, both can cancel or modify the order. As a provider, this is the beginning of customer care, in other words, your customer relationship management.


Looking to create an online store? It is also possible to register a domain with IONOS, and it’s a very simple process. Ensure that you wise up on tips for legal security in the online store. Make sure you’re aware of the rules regarding a customer’s right to return in the case of online stores. Similarly important is the customer’s right to cancel, note that this is distinct from the right to return.

Is an order confirmation mandatory?

It is not mandatory to send order confirmations to customers after orders have been received. However, it is generally good practice to do so. An order confirmation serves to provide customers with peace of mind that the order has actually been received. Particularly in E-Commerce it can be helpful and reassuring for customers to get an order confirmation. For purchases on the web, an order confirmation is usually sent by e-mail.


If there are issues with sending the order confirmation by e-mail, you can inform your clientele about the arrival of the order in another way. This would be possible, for example, via a messenger service such as WhatsApp.

When should an order confirmation be sent?

As a provider or supplier, you are obliged to respond as quickly as possible to an incoming order with an order confirmation. This is in the best interest of good customer service and therefore promotes customer loyalty. If customers do not receive a confirmation within a short time frame, they may suspect that a problem has occurred with the order. In the worst case, they may decide to purchase the product elsewhere and cancel the order with you.


Find out how to write a good order confirmation to retain customers for a longer period of time, see the IONOS Startup Guide.

What should an order confirmation contain?

There are some important details to include in an order confirmation to ensure that your customers see the information they need:

  • Mode of address to your customer – in line with your branding
  • Name and full address of the company
  • Billing address of the buyer
  • If applicable, different delivery address of the customer
  • Exact description of the goods or products
  • Quantity of the goods or products
  • Description of the goods or products, i.e. color, size, material
  • Net unit price and total amount
  • Delivery method (standard or express delivery, pick-up) and delivery time
  • Shipping costs, if applicable
  • Final invoice total
  • Desired payment method (e.g. PayPal, credit card, direct debit)
  • Display of the corresponding value-added tax or sales tax

It’s not mandatory, but an imprint can be a good addition here, too. A link to your data protection information could also be included in your order confirmation.

It is also advisable to provide contact details for any queries or complaints in order to make it easier for your customers to contact you.


If you are looking for samples for order confirmations, use the templates provided by online store platforms, or check out our templates for order confirmation emails. Simply adapt them to your personal ideas and needs.

What should be avoided in order confirmations?

You should bear in mind the CAN-SPAM law, which caps the advertising content in transactional emails at 20 percent, meaning that 80 percent must be transactional information.

In online commerce, email correspondence with customers after an order has been completed is often used to request ratings or newsletter subscriptions. This is acceptable, as long as this content doesn’t go over the 20 percent mark. This applies to product advertising as well as to other forms of self-promotion such as rating requests, references to social media sites or newsletter registrations.

How do you optimize an order confirmation?

Order confirmations mainly serve the purpose of confirming that an order has been placed. However, they can also strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers. Studies suggest that order confirmations have a much higher engagement and open rate and generate more sales than mass emails sent for marketing purposes. Optimizing your order confirmation can also be worthwhile in terms of your marketing strategy. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Personalize your subject line

Address your clientele using a personal tone. Avoid simply listing data and facts. A kindly worded “Thank you for your order” is more engaging and pleases the recipient if it appears together with the useful information.

Ensure a clear and outlined structure

A clear structure not only provides an overview, but also shows professionalism. Your customers will appreciate a clear order confirmation in which all information is available at a glance. A table, for example, is ideal for this.

Include recognizable elements of your brand identity

Your logo should definitely appear in your order confirmation! Placing it in the forefront of the minds of your clientele will increase the recognition value of your brand.

Keeping your corporate identity in mind, be sure to match the tone of the text to your company, your clientele, and the presentation of your products.

Include the relevant contact details

Furthermore, it is advisable to clearly list the necessary contact data in your order confirmation. Then your customers can easily contact you if they have any questions.

Optimize your content for mobile use

Many order confirmations are read on mobile devices. Therefore, make sure you have an optimized or responsive design. Use mobile-optimized elements such as touch-sensitive buttons, a good font size, and a single-column layout to ensure good readability on smaller screens.

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