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Norton Security Online

Complete protection – on all your devices

Protects your devices from viruses, online threats, malware, and much more.
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Security you can trust

Norton is among the most renowned names in virus protection, a regular winner of prestigious awards, such as PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for antivirus software.

Why should I pay for virus protection when there are free options?

Protection without restrictions

With free software, the intention is to convert you to a paying user, so certain functions are restricted until you buy a subscription. With Norton, you have full protection from day one, and nothing is held back to incentivize you to spend more money.

Ad free – no annoying popups

Many free products are filled with advertising and popups, but with Norton Security Online there are none of these competing for your attention, just comprehensive protection for your devices.

Centralized solution for several devices

Not all antivirus software is available for all platforms, but Norton Security Online can be used across all your devices, so you do not have to find different solutions for your PC, phone, and tablet.

Automatic updates

The security antivirus is always up to date, which means you never need to think about updating your databases.

Protection that works

All the features you expect from an antivirus: virus protection, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, firewall, etc.

Flexible device management

Protect up to eight of your devices - you can add and remove devices at any time.

Norton App Advisor

The App Advisor checks Android apps and lets you remove them if they expose you to privacy risks, intrusive behaviour, or high battery and data usage.

Identity Safe

Forgetting your password is a thing of the past. Your login details are safe from unauthorized access, but still easy to use with the Norton Security Online Identity Safe.

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Norton Security Online

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4 devices
8 devices
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Protection from viruses, spyware, malware and other threats

Intelligent two-way firewall for security against hacking

Browser and phishing protection

Protect your identity and transactions online

For use on up to 8 devices: PC, Notebook, tablet or smartphone

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Norton Security Online

Online fraud, identity and data theft is more and more frequent. Your e-mails, passwords, and data (such as photos, financial documents, and other sensitive data) are being constantly threatened by cyber criminality. Not only privately, but also in the business environment there is a high risk that data is lost, compromised, or even the entire IT department is affected. Strangers use malicious apps, websites or other software to try to gain access to your sensitive data. As mobile devices continue to become more relevant to digital communications, smartphone and mobile security in general are becoming increasingly important issues that need to be looked after conscientiously. To keep your data and passwords safe from third-party access, you need to protect not only your PC or Mac, but you also need to protect your tablet and smartphone. The award-winning Norton Security Online helps you securely protect all of your devices.
Today, our digital lives mostly take place on mobile devices: this includes private and business e-mails, online banking, apps for online shopping, and VPN connections to corporate networks. These examples, and many more, are carried with you right in your own pocket. While it is generally known that a computer needs to be protected, topics such as tablet or mobile phone security are not yet so self-evident. However, if accessing personal accounts via mobile without security in place, your sensitive data can end up in the wrong hands, leading to very damaging consequences.

Norton Security Online protects your smartphones and tablets from viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats. Also included is a very useful app consultant for Android, which helps you to identify especially suspicious mobile apps before you install them, protecting your smartphone and tablet, as well as the data stored on it. It also detects which apps consume a lot of data volume or drain the battery. This feature ensures data protection on your devices and thus ensures sustainable tablet and mobile phone security. In the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen, you can also remotely lock, locate, and even backup the device contents, giving you added protection and peace of mind.
Every computer needs good security software in place. Pre-installed or free programs are generally not sufficient for comprehensive protection and not a secure solution. With Norton Security Online, you protect your PC or Mac from threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats. In addition to numerous security features, Norton Security also includes an integrated Windows PC optimization. Although the threats for Windows operating systems are more numerous than those for Mac OS, it does not mean that Apple users are completely safe. Apple operating systems and users are also threatened by cybercrime Phishing attacks, where users are directed to bogus websites, are a threat at all times and for all operating systems.
As soon as you connect a computer or a smartphone to the internet or a network (eg via WLAN), the topic of system protection is immediately a concern; there is no way around this. In the event of the loss of passwords, irretrievable data, or even the loss of customer data, in the context of business people, the risk and the potential damage that security breaches can pose is incredibly high. Appropriate safety precautions for all of your devices are therefore indispensable. Norton Security Online is suitable for all private and commercial customers who want to take action to securely protect their PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets from viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats.
The award-winning Norton security software provides security for your Android smartphone, iPhone, and even security for your iPad or other tablet. Of course, laptops, desktop computers, whether Macs or PCs, are also protected. Depending on the device, individual functions may differ, but you always benefit from the best possible protection for your devices, tailored to the respective platform.
It is also necessary to be attentive and careful when surfing or researching on social networks. Links should be clicked carefully, as often hidden malicious pages lurk behind humorous posts or exciting images. If you click on links such as these, you could be leaving yourself open to a security breach. It is therefore important to know how to install good security software on the system. Norton Security Online provides security on their end through the Norton Safe Web network, which stops websites from being launched before their malicious codes can be executed. Through this type of security, you can rest assured that your private or company accounts on Facebook are secure and protected against harmful actions.
Especially in the business environment, one can't afford to lose important documents, customer data or communications. In addition to the risk of technical failure – like compromised disks – the threat of ransomware (so-called crypto Trojans or blackmail Trojans) is more topical than ever. If a device is infected by such ransomware, the malicious software accesses the file system and encrypts documents. This goes so far as to block entire computers. Once it has come that far, however, it is unlikely that the affected system and files can be recovered. In such a case, the only secure and proven solution is to be able to retrieve backups of essential files. Again, Norton Security Online helps you with an integrated backup function and ensures reliable security across all devices.
With Norton Security Online and 1&1 IONOS, you can protect up to 4 different devices simultaneously. If the maximum number of licenses is reached, you can use Norton Security Online to transfer your license and thus your device protection to another device at any time, or to purchase another license package.
Free software will never give you comprehensive protection of your online identity and offer you security for all of your devices. This software usually only provides partial protection, leaving you vulnerable to the security loopholes, ultimately with the goal of converting users over time into a payment version of the software offering more complete coverage.
Norton is a world leader in security software and has one of the largest early warning systems to detect the latest viruses, fake or unsecure websites, cybercriminals, and many other daily threats. It is further supported by a huge number of users who voluntarily share insights and data on various new worms, Trojans and other backdoor threats as part of the Norton Insight program. Ultimately, the Norton security tools and dedicated and informed network equip its users with very powerful and effective security software that quickly identifies and effectively combats new threats, keeping all of your devices secure.
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