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Rent a server and do your own thing

  • Dedicated, cloud, or virtual private server
  • Choose between Linux or Windows
  • Lots of SSD space for any use case, such as a mail, web, or terminal server hosting

The appropriate solution for every requirement


Virtual private servers are best suited as an introduction to servers, for example as:
Web servers or mail servers
Community and blog servers
Small eShop servers
Starting at $1/monthNo risk, cancel anytime
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Dedicated Server

Best suited for medium to large projects
From cheap servers for developers to high-end professional servers
Pay-as-you-go model offers payment flexibility
Starting at $70/month
More about dedicated servers

Cloud Server

Ideal for changing requirements, for instance:
Seasonal business
Fluctuating web traffic
Billing per minute
Starting at $16/month
More about cloud servers
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You can count on our online server hosting

Mail server – highly flexible with a VPS

Our mail server is ideal for beginners and private users, or alternatively, you can set up your own mail server if you need a little more flexibility, for example with the open source software PostFix.
Our virtual private servers provide the necessary root access and the choice between Linux and Windows operating systems.

Web server – versatile combination possibilities

Linux servers often offer the Apache online server combined with a MySQL database and the PHP scripting language. This standard configuration suffices for a wide range of CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, and Typo3, as well as for forums and wikis. With the Managed Cloud from IONOS, you can also set up web servers like Tomcat, Passenger, or Nginx combined with MariaDB and MongoDB databases and Java and Node.js programming languages.

Secure FTP Server – upload files with ease

Transfer files between a PC and online server easily with SFTP – ideally with a program such as FileZilla, which is available free for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Our VPS package provides the necessary secure FTP server as standard, enabling you to transfer even large amounts of data quickly and reliably.

Terminal server hosting – easily set up

Terminal servers allow you to make programs accessible to employees within a company, without having to install them on individual computers. This saves software licensing costs and centralizes software update management. Terminal server hosting also enables administrators to monitor and maintain systems externally.
You can install LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) – a terminal server software – on any Linux server when you have root access. Since the resources required of the terminal server depend on the demands of the software, a dedicated server with enough CPU, RAM, and storage space is best suited to this application.

eShop – Online stores with fluctuating traffic

You can build a more complex IT infrastructure with our Cloud servers to cope with periodically high traffic, such as during special offers. This includes different servers for the live site and backup, a load balancer, your own mail server, and a separate firewall.
You can change the allocation of CPU, RAM and storage capacity to your servers according to web traffic – pay more for high traffic, and less for low traffic. This flexibility saves your eShop business money.
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Servers - FAQ

  • Cost savings
  • No monitoring and maintenance of hardware
  • High flexibility due to short contract terms
  • Special app for monitoring server services is included
  • Up-to-date hardware components
Absolutely, 1&1 IONOS allows you to customize, upgrade or downgrade your web server package any time you like. Simply contact one of our server hosting experts using our 24/7 hotline or email support. For those just getting started in the world of web hosting, a great place to start would be one of our Virtual Server packages. Here you will receive a basic starter bundle of CPU, RAM and hard disk space, then if you feel like you require more, simply modify your package as you grow.
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