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Create a mobile optimized website

With IONOS MyWebsite you can create a professional homepage for both desktop and tablet PCs, as well as an optimized version especially for smartphones.

Why is it important to create a mobile website?

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices are steadily gaining popularity. More and more people use a mobile device to access the internet. It is often quicker to look something up using your smartphone or tablet than to start up your computer. The technology for mobile internet like 3G or LTE is constantly improving too, making surfing the internet on the go an attractive option. As a website owner, it is important to adapt to this trend quickly by creating a mobile version of your page.
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Optimized for all devices

Without any further effort on your part, your website is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ensure your website makes a perfect impression any time, any place with the mobile website builder.

Design templates

Easy to download in just a few clicks, our professional homepage designs are sure to be a favorite. The preview function shows you how your chosen design will look on a desktop PC, tablet and on a smartphone. When you create a mobile web page all our templates are customizable and automatically optimized for all devices.

Device View

Through the relevant icons in the IONOS homepage editor, you can view how changes you make to your website look and behave on various devices. If you are happy with them, your website is optimized for all devices with one just one click.

Contact information at your fingertips

The free mobile website builder optimizes your homepage for smartphones with an easily readable layout ideal for small screens. This way, website visitors are easily able to find the right information and contact you quickly.

Choose how you want to build your website

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An intuitive editor for beginners who want to get online quickly

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6 months $5/month then $19/month

Build a stunning website fast without any experience

Professional templates to start easy with pre-built section designs and colors

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Professional email address with 2 GB inbox

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A powerful editor to customize your website design

12 months $1/month then $15/month
12 months $1/month then $25/month

Build a website, customize your design, and add custom html

Utilize flexible sections and colors included with our professional templates

Domain included for 1 year

Professional email address with 12 GB inbox

Includes 50 GB webspace & 200 pages

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Integrated online booking tool


The perfect combo of a powerful editor and SEO Optimization Tool

6 months $15/month then $25/month
6 months $25/month then $50/month

Build a website, customize your design, and add custom html

Utilize flexible sections and colors included with our professional templates

Domain included for 1 year

Professional email address with active sync on all devices and 50 GB inbox

Unlimited webspace & pages

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SiteAnalytics Plus

Integrated online booking tool

SEO-optimization with rankingCoach Essential

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Benefits of mobile optimized websites

Mobile optimized websites increase user-friendliness

Creating a mobile version of your website has multiple advantages when it comes to user friendliness. For example, your content will be adapted to the screen size of the user's device, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Text, pictures and navigation are all automatically adjusted to the right size. Another reason to optimize websites for mobile devices is that it decreases loading times.
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What is the difference?

  • Every display size is optimally supported
  • Fluid design grid
  • Perfect presentation of information thanks to a flexible layout
  • Developed for four different display sizes
  • Works well with classic mock-ups and sketches
  • Technically uncomplicated and extremely time saving

A mobile version improves Google rankings

Another reason that creating a mobile website is search engine ranking, from Google for example. Search engines recognize the rapidly growing trend for mobile internet access. Since the latest Google update, websites that do not have a mobile optimized version are ranked lower than those without. This in turns affects their visibility and reach, as they are visited less frequently. In order to maintain a high ranking or to increase it, it is very important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.
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Creating a Mobile Website

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Every year, mobile internet access increases and more people want to know how to make their own mobile website for free. The use of smartphones and tablets is particularly quick and easy. There are a multitude of devices available today all with different display sizes, which presents website owners with a new challenge. The displays of mobile devices are significantly smaller than computer screens, which makes technical innovations necessary to ensure that websites can be viewed properly. IONOS MyWebsite allows you to create a mobile website with the click of a mouse. The settings can be changed and your website customized at any time. Responsive web design optimizes your content for the respective device. Tables with multiple columns may look well-structured on a computer screen, but involve a lot of scrolling on smartphone screens. With our responsive design, your content is tailored to the display size of the device. With IONOS MyWebsite, integrating the latest trends into your web project is child's play.

Design is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of a website. It provides the external packaging for the content and plays a decisive part in making a strong first impression on the user. Furthermore the design can influence the functionality of the website. With the IONOS MyWebsite free mobile site builder you can choose between many different design templates, which you can then customize according to your taste and the requirements of your website. Many templates available to you as a new customer are suitable for a responsive layout. If you select the relevant option, the content of your page will be optimized for various devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or desktop — your page is displayed perfectly. Creating a website version for mobile devices is no problem with IONOS.

Yes. If you have been a IONOS customer for a while and set up your website before smartphones and tablets became commonplace, you may have chosen a template that isn't responsive, leading to problems when displaying the page on a mobile device. The consequence: the user has to resort to scrolling and zooming to view the relevant information. Changing to a responsive layout is absolutely no problem, simply choose one of our new templates in the mobile friendly website builder and your page will appear in its new design and is immediately optimized for mobile devices. Only a few of our older web apps may have some complications as they are not yet supported. These may not be displayed after changing to the responsive layout.