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What Microsoft 365 can do for your business

The full Office package

Always the latest versions

Always up-to-date versions of the full suite of Microsoft Office applications. Includes Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more.

On all of your devices

Install on up to five devices per user. Work from local versions on desktops and laptops, or through apps and browsers on smartphones or tablets.

Microsoft 365 used on a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones

Collaboration tools

Instant communication

Keep in touch via email with large 50 GB Exchange mailboxes or instant message and video conference with Microsoft Teams.

Shared calendars and tasks

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook features help you stay up to date with your team.

OneDrive online storage

Easy collaboration and document sharing with 1 TB OneDrive storage.

Two office workers arranging a meeting using an online calendar

Mailbox security

Email encryption

Maintain peace of mind with SSL/TLS encryption on all of your emails.

Secure data centers

Your information is stored in data centers that are accredited with the highest levels of data security.

Graphical display: Send and receive secure email

All your favorite Office applications

Always with the latest features and security updates.

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Microsoft Word

  • The word processor you know and love
  • Write letters, document your work, develop manuals and other long-form content
Icon: Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

  • Widely used application for building spreadsheets
  • Analyze your data, develop models and create powerful visualizations
Icon: Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • The world's favorite application for building compelling presentations
  • Showcase the results of your analysis visually
Icon: Outlook; Briefumschlag mit Buchstabe O
Microsoft Outlook
  • The industry standard for business email
  • Manage your emails, appointments and tasks with Outlook
Icon: Teams Logo
Microsoft Teams
  • Connect with your team from anywhere
  • Tools for instant messaging, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing
Icon: Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Exchange is the powerful email server technology powering your Microsoft Outlook client
  • Used by companies all around the world to manage their corporate email systems
Icon: Access
Microsoft Access
  • Create and manage your own database applications easily
  • Save time with pre-built app and spreadsheet templates
Icon: Microsoft OneNote
  • Capture your creativity and organize your thoughts with handwritten notes, drawings, screenshots, photos and videos
  • Collaborate on projects and documents
Icon: Microsoft OneDrive; blue cloud
  • Store documents online and access them from anywhere
  • Share files with team members and collaborate in real time

Choose your Microsoft 365 plan

Get your team on the path to better online collaboration today.


50 GB Exchange email account

Outlook on the web

MS Teams: Meet, chat and collaborate

Office on the web: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote

1 TB OneDrive cloud storage

Virus protection and spam filter with Exchange Online Protection

24/7 expert support & premium setup service


50 GB Exchange email account

Microsoft Outlook 2021 & Outlook on the web

MS Teams: Meet, chat and collaborate

Office on the web + 1 full MS Office Suite download

1 TB OneDrive cloud storage

Virus protection and spam filter with Exchange Online Protection

24/7 expert support & premium setup service

Federal and provincial sales taxes may apply. See General Terms and Conditions.

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Microsoft 365 Business Basic


Microsoft 365 Business Standard


Office software installation — always the latest versions

PC and Mac versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Plus Access and Publisher for PC only.

Local installation on up to 5 devices (PC or Mac)

Mobile apps for tablets and smartphones

Automatic updates

Office on the web — always the latest versions

Web browser versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Accessible from anywhere and any device through a web browser

SharePoint Online

Always up to date

50 GB Exchange email account

Email address matching your domain

Domain included

Latest version of Microsoft Outlook

Outlook on the web (OWA)

Microsoft Exchange Online

Real-time synchronization of your data across your devices

Shared calendars, contacts, and tasks

OneDrive for Business with 1 TB secure cloud storage

Store and sync your documents online

Access your documents from anywhere

Share your documents and edit collaboratively in real time

Store email attachments

Microsoft Teams

Online meetings and video conferencing in HD quality

Set up meetings and join from anywhere with any device

Meeting recording

Instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing

24/7 expert support & premium setup service

24/7 expert support

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Your personal consultant

At IONOS, you have a dedicated contact person for personalized advice, tips to boost your online success, and technical support. Reach them via phone, chat and email, all at no cost to you as an IONOS customer.

What do your want to do with Microsoft 365?

I want to use Microsoft Office wherever I go

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Our recommendation

Microsoft 365 Business Basic – 1 license

With Microsoft 365 Business Basic you can use Microsoft 365 online on all your devices.

  • Online Office applications, always available and up to date
  • Professional email with a 50 GB Exchange mailbox
  • 1 TB cloud storage with OneDrive for Business
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I want to use Microsoft Office on my desktop

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Our recommendation

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – 1 license

With Microsoft 365 Business Standard you can download and install your favourite Office applications on up to 5 devices per user.

  • Office 2019 desktop and online versions
  • 1 TB cloud storage with OneDrive for Business
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I want a professional email solution that includes Microsoft Office

More info

Our recommendation

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – 1 license

With Microsoft 365 Business Standard you get all the Office applications as online and desktop versions, as well as a professional email account.

  • Online Office applications, always available and up to date
  • Desktop version of Office 2019
  • Professional email with a 50 GB Exchange mailbox
  • 1 TB cloud storage with OneDrive for Business
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My company needs collaboration tools to improve efficiency

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Our recommendation

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – 5 licenses

Microsoft 365 Business Standard gives you all the Office applications including collaboration tools such as Skype for Business and OneDrive for Business.

  • Online and desktop versions of all Office applications
  • Professional email with a 50 GB Exchange mailbox
  • Collaboration tools: OneDrive for Business (1 TB) and Skype for Business
  • Discount on 5 or more licenses
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Customers choose IONOS because we not only provide everything you need to be successful online, but also best-in-class service through a free personal consultant.

Microsoft 365

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

It’s a simple transition: Office 365 business plans will now become Microsoft 365 business plans. This means it’s a brand new name, yet still with the same great plan at the same price. In terms of the IONOS package changes, please keep in mind the following:

  • OfficeBusiness will now be called Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • OfficePremium Plus will now be called Microsoft 365 Business Standard

These name changes have been implemented to more clearly display the range of features and benefits in this subscription model. Microsoft 365 still has everything great about Office 365, including the useful products, cloud service, and top security, but the name change will allow customers to find the perfect plan for the right situation. This means a business enterprise, a small to medium-sized business, or an individual, can all find the right plan faster and easier.

Even though the business plan names have changed, IONOS will not make any changes to the prices or the products included in the plan. The same deals will just be available under a new name. Of course, many businesses already have an existing Office 365 Business subscription, but the name change to Microsoft 365 still means no action is required from you. Your Office 365 subscription will be called Microsoft 365. You can find the updated name via your admin portal and monthly billing reports.

Rest assured that Microsoft 365 will remain a powerful cloud-based subscription model for Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and so much more. This subscription means that you will always have the newest Microsoft product version when it’s released – you won’t have to repurchase any new updated version. Microsoft 365 is created so that documents can be accessed from any device, regardless of your location. This helps you to finish work quickly and effectively and go back to what is most important in your life. Microsoft 365 comes with the best office apps, modern cloud functionality, and top-of-the-line security.

An Microsoft 365 subscription includes the complete current range of Microsoft Office products, including individual applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. The latest version is Office 2021. Rather than having to constantly buy the latest version of Office, the subscription only needs to be completed once. You then pay a monthly fee for Office 365 and benefit from complete flexibility, with the latest versions of all applications at your disposal. Continuous updates also protect you from any security risks that leave you vulnerable to viruses and malware. Additionally, the Office 365 subscription allows you to access your documents, tables, emails and files from web browsers or mobile apps, affording you maximum mobility. This brings your office to you, wherever you are. How you use your Office 2021, and from which device, is entirely up to you.

Microsoft 365 is a monthly subscription service, meaning you pay a small fee every month rather than one large initial payment, as the traditional Microsoft Office requires. As you also no longer have to purchase newer versions of Office thanks to the updates, the subscription service actually saves you money. Administrative tasks and time spent on installing and setting up new software versions are also greatly minimized. Furthermore, maintenance effort is reduced as the Microsoft 365 subscription guarantees you will automatically receive the newest software available in just a few clicks. This payment structure is particularly beneficial if you always want to be up to date and need an easy, yet comprehensive solution. This makes Microsoft 365 suitable for companies and private users who need a professional office solution. Beginners also profit from an Office 365 package with IONOS: they receive a more affordable Office 365 package, while enjoying the same high standard of service from our 24/7 expert hotline.

You receive both with IONOS: a useful online version and the Office 2021 offline installer for your devices. This means you can access your documents, spreadsheets and emails via a web browser from anywhere, and also install an offline version of the software. With just one subscription, you can install Microsoft 365 on up to five devices of your choice. If you are working from a device that doesn't belong to you without an installed version of Microsoft 365, simply use the web browser to access the online version. This means you can be flexible and productive, no matter where you are or whether you are connected to the internet or not. What's more, our Microsoft 365 plans also include the Office mobile apps, so you can install your Office 2021 on your Android or iOS device. These apps enable you to continue to work using up to five mobile devices, even without a working internet connection — perfect for while traveling through regions without a network connection or when in airplane mode.

IONOS offers an appropriate Microsoft 365 plan for all users regardless of skill level or budget.

Our entry-level plan includes a suite of Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with fully functional online and mobile app versions. This plan also includes a professional email solution with a large inbox capacity based on Exchange technology, as well as OneDrive for Business cloud storage solution, featuring extensive online storage space that helps you store and access your files from anywhere. Finally, Microsoft Teams keeps you connected to your partners or colleagues. What is not included in this package is the possibility to locally install your favorite Office applications on desktops or laptops.

Our high-end plan is an all-inclusive productivity solution. It includes everything that mentioned in the previous package. Office applications that can be installed locally on up to 5 devices per user or used online through a browser or with mobile apps, a professional email solution based on Exchange technology as well as OneDrive for Business cloud storage and Microsoft Teams. You can make use of an individual domain (needs to be purchased separately), so that you can convey professionalism when sending emails. The email software included in this plan, Outlook 2021, allows you to easily manage all your emails, appointments and tasks.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, as our plans are ideal for a wide range of uses. All our Microsoft 365 plans meet the requirements of a business, but are also suited for private users and freelancers. If you still have questions about our Microsoft Office 365 offer, simply give us a call. Our experts are happy to help you choose the right plan.

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