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Hosted Microsoft Exchange by IONOS: Here’s how it works

Professional communication solutions for a cohesive company

Microsoft Exchange is a popular email and groupware server solution used by companies of all sizes around the world. The software includes powerful collaboration features that help organizations to optimize both internal and external collaboration and communication processes.

Microsoft Outlook is also available as client-side software, meaning employees always have full control over emails, appointments and contacts. With Exchange-based Outlook, colleagues can easily see whether you are in a meeting or on vacation — making light work of joint scheduling and project work.

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Hosted Exchange service combines trusted Microsoft software with a modern hosting service solution:

  • Your data is handled with the utmost care and protected in our state-of-the-art and high-security data centers in the US
  • Thanks to our geo-redundant infrastructure, your company’s important data is optimally protected against failure and loss
  • Your data is stored in accordance with US data protection regulations

Achieve maximum productivity with maximum availability:

  • No tedious setup of your in-house infrastructure
  • Monthly subscription negates upfront investments in hardware
  • The latest technology and the best security standards

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Microsoft Exchange hosting for all your email business needs

Flexible: add further mailboxes whenever you need them.
Highest security standards
Comprehensive synchronization features

Microsoft Exchange 2013

25 GB

Only $10/month Risk-free for 30 days

25 GB email account for 1 user

Domain free for the first year Available free domain extensions: .ca, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .online.

Ad-free email

Premium virus protection and spam filter

Outlook Web App

Real-time sync of your data on all devices

24/7 expert support

Team collaboration tools calendar, contacts and tasks

Microsoft Outlook 2016 included

Federal and provincial sales taxes may apply. See General Terms and Conditions.

How does the hosted Exchange email solution work and what do customers need to know?

Administration of MS Exchange

There's no need for you to worry about administration because we manage it for you. While you and your colleagues take care of driving your business forward, we take care of server maintenance and updating. You also benefit from the latest in security technology — all important security updates are taken care of, meaning your data is protected against loss or malfunction.

Your connection to the server is simple via Microsoft Outlook. This allows you to access your emails, contacts and appointments from all your devices via apps and the browser anytime, anywhere.

Two office workers arranging a meeting using an online calendar
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Connecting email accounts to Exchange

You can easily connect both existing and new email accounts with the Hosted Exchange email server in just a few clicks. Since the IONOS Exchange solution is a flexible and easily scalable product, you can add more email accounts and mailboxes at any time. As your business grows, your hosted Microsoft Exchange environment grows with you.

All you need to do is purchase another license and add it to your existing account. This way, you can ensure in the long run that every new employee receives their own email address and an individual domain.

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You can rely on top-class service

The Exchange technology is developed by Microsoft and is used worldwide — including in the IONOS data centers, which are operated and professionally maintained exclusively by us.

You benefit not only from the world’s most important groupware solution from Microsoft, but also from our leading server technology and the highest standards. All of our high-security data centers guarantee maximum reliability thanks to geo-redundant mirroring of all data at independent locations. And should you have any questions about the server or any difficulties, you can reach us around the clock!

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With our Microsoft Exchange email hosting, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data. You can benefit from the following security features:

  • Security updates and patches
  • Automatic SSL/TLS encryption
  • Advanced anti-spam and antivirus technology

Accidentally deleted your inbox? We’ve got your back. The Email Recovery Service helps you recover your inbox up to seven days after being deleted.

Easy email migration

Moving your emails from existing accounts to IONOS is free, fast and secure. Our email migration tool works with any provider, and even with emails hosted on your own server. In just a few steps, all folders and emails are copied across, so you can continue working seamlessly.

If you need support during configuration, your personal consultant will be glad to help. You can learn more about this service here.

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Hosted Exchange and Outlook

Easy and efficient teamwork anytime and anywhere
Inbox & Address Book ManagementAppointment ManagementTask Management
RemindersNever miss an email or forget a contact: with our large 25 GB mailbox, you'll never miss emails. Set up reminders to deal with important emails later. All your business contacts are managed in one placeNever miss an appointment: set up reminders with a variety of settings. Reminders are received on all devices.Never miss a deadline: set up reminders for your tasks. Reminders are received on all devices. Tasks also visible in Calendar to simplify time management.
Efficient managementOrganize your emails by importance and topics. Rules help you manage the clutter. A search function also helps with navigating the inbox. The address book provides all the details about contacts at a glance.Organize your appointment in views such as Daily, Weekly, etc. In addition, a search function facilitates finding appointments.Organize your tasks in views such as Today, Next 7 days, Recurring, etc. Set up recurring tasks, with full flexibility of settings.
Collaboration made easyFolders are available to help organize your inbox and collaborate. Maintain & share distribution lists to facilitate communication.With calendar sharing, appointments can be organized in a team quickly and easily. Availability of colleagues can also be checked in advance.Share your tasks with your colleagues and partners. Request notifications and status messages for progress control.
Always up to dateEmails and contacts are automatically synchronized across all devicesCalendar entries and changes are automatically synchronized across all devicesTask entries and changes are automatically synchronized across all devices

Microsoft Exchange hosting

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

In the past, email solutions were often configured and managed in-house, but at the cost of time, money and personnel. Nowadays, however, many companies have switched to external services such as Hosted Exchange with IONOS. There are many reasons for outsourcing:

  • You stay flexible by scaling your Exchange resources when needed.
  • You save on the expensive maintenance of an in-house email server.
  • Your IT department has more time to concentrate on projects of higher importance.
  • You save the cost of tedious licensing.
  • You receive both the server infrastructure and, thanks to Microsoft Outlook, the software solution for remote work.

Yes – that will be possible in the future. We are currently working hard to provide our customers with the simplest possible migration functionality. However, when exactly this function will be available has yet to be determined. Check back with us for further updates.

If you are already a IONOS customer, you can contact your personal consultant at any time to receive comprehensive advice on migration and upgrade methods.

Although the Hosted Exchange from IONOS is primarily aimed at companies, there are good reasons to rely on a professional and reputable email solution for private use also:

  • You benefit from an email solution free from advertising.
  • With the Microsoft Outlook solution, you get a proven, clear and secure software product for emails and scheduling.
  • Thanks to the comprehensive spam filter, you are better protected against undesirable emails and dangerous phishing.
  • You gain full access to all Outlook features that also make your personal life easier: for example, when you're on vacation, you can set up an out of office message or set reminders for important events in your calendar.
  • Thanks to countless apps and a separate browser version, you can synchronize your mailboxes and calendars across all your devices in an instant.

There are many good reasons for using hosted Exchange by IONOS, both for private users and for companies. While the benefits of a mobile, flexible and scalable email solution for businesses are obvious, private use cases may initially seem less obvious. However, there are plenty of scenarios, such as:

  • Study: Private and university mails can be easily sorted and managed with Outlook. This makes it easier for you to keep track.
  • Looking for a job: Applying for a job is doe almost exclusively online. A professional email solution makes it easier for you to keep track, and the individual mail domain it contains makes a more credible impression on potential employers. You can also read our Digital Guide article with tips on writing a business email that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Daily family life: Thanks to a synchronized calendar, couples can record clearly arranged appointments from any end device – be it children's school events, doctor's appointments or simply the shopping list and the chores for the week.
  • Apartment rentals: Apartment owners often receive numerous emails from their tenants. Hosted Exchange, which includes Outlook, operates as an efficient software solution that simplifies the general overview — meetings with the owners, apartment viewings or apartment inspections can easily be organized digitally and without paperwork.

There's plenty more application examples to add to the above list. If you are looking for an alternative emailing solution, you're guaranteed to find a suitable product from IONOS. Do you still require Outlook tools for team collaboration? With our simpler plans, you also have the option of getting your own email address. Or you can opt directly for the complete Microsoft Office 365 package, which is also available from IONOS — both come with expert-level support.

More information about our alternative options and packages can be found here:

With the Microsoft Hosted Exchange by IONOS, you can rely on extremely high security and backup standards and all data is stored georedundantly. This means:

  • All data is stored in two independent data centers.
  • Your data is always available as exact copies and is replicated from the primary data center to the secondary data center in another location.
  • Our emergency power generators, state-of-the-art fire control and strict security ensure maximum protection against failure in every data center we operate.
  • Even in the event of regional natural disasters, georedundant storage ensures that you do not lose any data.

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