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Add efficiency to your Git workflows

Seamlessly develop and deploy your sites with Git workflows and integrated hosting.

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Development and hosting in CI/CD workflows

Git has revolutionized version control and workflow branching. Hosting is now catching up.

Built for DevOp workflows

Development workflows have changed significantly over the past decade, becoming ever more automated. Most development teams use continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) pipelines to build, test and deploy their websites and applications.

Working in a pipeline requires fast feedback and continuous, operative testing. And traditional hosting isn't flexible enough to maintain workflow efficiency. Deploy Now updates the hosting experience to make it work seamlessly with the feature-branch flexibility provided by Git.

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Hosting your CI/CD workflow with Deploy Now

Here's how to add powerful, reliable web hosting to your Git workflow.

Working with Deploy Now

Connect to GitHub

Before you get started with Deploy Now, you'll need to first sign in to your GitHub account and authorize our Application.

Select a repository

Choose any GitHub repository with static files, JavaScript, PHP or a static site generator — either from your own repository or a third-party GitHub account.

Create a workflow and deploy

An algorithm scans your project and sets up an appropriate GitHub action workflow for you. Afterwards, your project is automatically deployed and instantly online.

Deploy Now - Analyze repo, add configuration and deploy to webspace

Making code updates

Push to update your site

Using a GitHub actions workflow, we update your website every time you push code updates.

Get your preview URL

Each deployed branch of your repository receives its own preview URL that you can share with clients or your team.

Enrich your site

What your site does next is up to you. If you build Jamstack sites, we recommend integrating a headless CMS to make content edits easier.

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Get your first 3 projects on us

Deploy your static sites from GitHub without any build or bandwidth restrictions directly on georedundant, DDoS-protected infrastructure.

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Deploy Now membership

Sign up as a member and get the first three projects for free. Included with each project:

  • SSL-secure production deployment
  • 1 staging deployment with preview URL
  • 50 MB storage space per deployment

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