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Domains & Hosting
MariaDB and phpMyAdmin

Version 5.1.2-1

phpMyAdmin is a free software written in PHP for the administration of MySQL and MariaDB databases. This software has an intuitive web interface and supports a variety of operations such as creating databases, executing queries, and adding user accounts. MariaDB is one of the most popular open source relational databases. This open source database is fast, scalable, and robust, and can be used for a wide range of use cases. As a relational database, MariaDB provides an SQL interface for data access. The latest versions of MariaDB also include GIS and JSON functions. Among others, this open-source database offers the following features: column-based analysis of large amounts of data, PL/SQL and JSON support, and storage engines for various applications.

  • phpMyAdmin is a free software for the administration of MySQL and MariaDB databases with an intuitive web interface.
  • With phpMyAdmin, you can export data in different formats such as CSV, SQL, XML and PDF.
  • MariaDB is a fast, scalable, and robust relational open source database that can be used in many ways.
These applications run on AlmaLinux 8
Minimum requirements: Cloud Server XS
Your contract allows you to use as many free apps as you’d like. Each app simply needs its own VM.
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Cloud Server XS
Cloud Server S
Cloud Server M
Cloud Server RAM M
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