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Version 2.24.4-1

Mantis is an open source bug tracking system that includes changelog support and a built-in reporting function. This bug tracking system supports any platform running PHP and offers customizable issue pages and multiple projects per instance. It can also be used with a mobile device. In addition, Mantis includes the possibility to provide project-specific user access levels. Moreover, this open source bug tracking system offers Multi-DBMS Support and is available in many languages.

  • Supports any platform that runs PHP.
  • Mantis is able to provide project-specific user access levels.
  • Available in many languages
These applications run on Linux CentOS 7.
Minimum requirements: Cloud Server XS
Your contract allows you to use as many free apps as you’d like. Each app simply needs its own VM.
We recommend:
Cloud Server XS
Cloud Server S
Cloud Server M
Cloud Server RAM M
Cloud Server L
Cloud Server RAM L
Cloud Server XL
Cloud Server RAM XL
Cloud Server XXL
Cloud Server RAM XXL
Cloud Server 3XL
Cloud Server 4XL
Cloud Server 5XL

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