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With IONOS MyWebsite, it's simple to create a professional website for your wedding using a website builder that contains everything you need for your perfect site. From a desirable domain and customizable wedding templates, to a wide range of useful apps that allow you to enhance your website with practical features.
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Your wedding gallery with photos and videos

Of course, images and videos on your wedding website should not be forgotten, and with IONOS MyWebsite it's easy to incorporate them. Simply use the editor to drag and drop images from your folders. Even your photos from Flickr and Pinterest are easy to integrate with our apps – as well as YouTube videos. Additionally, you can create a multimedia show with the most beautiful moments of your wedding.

Inform your wedding guests

When you create a wedding website, you should also have the necessary visual elements. Couples in love know that pictures often say more than a thousand words – so why not reflect this on your website? Photo albums from the childhoods of the newlyweds are a nice prelude to the upcoming celebrations for family and friends. To increase the fun factor, you could even include funny wedding videos or unusual gift ideas! When you use a wedding website template with IONOS, you have the ability to change content at any time and adjust your site in accordance with the latest developments thanks to the simple modular system. This way, your wedding website remains valid after the big day.

Gift ideas on your wedding website

Naturally, your wedding website should include your gift ideas. Tell wedding guests what you would like, for example, by referencing a blog post or wish list from which they can choose. With the right web apps, you can also publish your wish lists from Amazon or Etsy on your wedding website.

Use your wedding website after the wedding

Once you have created a wedding website, you can keep it as an interactive platform for family and friends even after the wedding. Why not expand the website to your family and share your honeymoon, your first child, and other major life events? You can even select the people you wish to give access to your photos, text, and other content.
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Wedding website

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the topic

On your website, you have several options to inform your guests of your wedding plans. The easiest way is to create a wedding website on which you can publish key dates and other plans. For example, it's possible to integrate Google Calendar into your wedding website and allow guests to view the relevant dates. To ensure that all guests stay informed, even if they don't regularly look at your wedding website, you can recommend a newsletter subscription. One of the numerous web apps that you can integrate with IONOS MyWebsite is the CleverReach app, which allows you to use pre-made designs and create a newsletter in no time at all. Your guests only need to subscribe to your newsletter once to receive it automatically. This way, you can efficiently inform your guests about schedules, directions, the dress code or a vote for the wedding menu. You can also use the Menu app to present a complete wedding menu on your site – handy if you're planning an a la carte menu. Additionally, you can use a survey to find out what menu choices your guests prefer.

Creating a photo gallery for photos and videos with IONOS MyWebsite's modular system is easy — you can create a complete gallery in just a few clicks. From the main menu of IONOS MyWebsite, select 'Insert Elements', then the sub-item 'Multimedia' and finally the type of element you want to insert; a single image, photo gallery or video. You can now simply drag the item onto your wedding website template and place it in the desired location. Now you can edit the item by assigning the images or videos you want to display. Even more options, including multimedia presentations, are found with the web apps. For example, you can place the images from your FIickr or Pinterest account onto your wedding website, and also include videos from YouTube, MyVideo, and Vimeo. With the app, you can create a great multimedia presentation, for instance, using the highlights of the wedding, or the childhood photos of the couple. If you integrate the Dropbox app on your wedding website, you can ask guests to share their photos and videos of the ceremony.

Yes, there are also web apps that can be integrated onto your website for this purpose. For example, you can use Polldaddy or MicroPoll to conduct polls directly on the page. This allows you to simplify your planning by getting your guests to answer in one central place. For example, you can add a poll to determine the color of your table dressing if you're unsure. Your favorite patterns and colors can also be clearly displayed as photos or with the COLOURlovers app. Do you have a specific wedding gift in mind? Publishing your wish lists from Etsy or others with the appropriate apps is easy. You can also gather ideas first by incorporating a mind map from Mindomo or MindMeister and then continue to expand these proposals. The ideas for your wedding website are virtually unlimited! If you decide to use your wedding website later down the line as a family website, then apps can also be used to plan family trips or schedule things like christenings and birthdays.

No. However, we offer you the flexibility to design, create and securely host your individual website - like in wedding design - withoutany advertising. In addition, a personal consultant is available to answer all your questions free of charge.

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