For Web Hosting customers using IONOS email

If you move or cancel a domain, all email addresses set up for this domain will be deleted. However, to prevent unintentional data loss, the mailboxes and all the emails they contain will remain intact.

To make sure that you still have access to your mailboxes, they are assigned a backup address in the form

For example, if the domain was deleted:

  • The address would be renamed to
  • The address would be renamed to

You can now decide for yourself what to do with the remaining mailbox and the emails stored in it. Your options are:

  • Keep using a mailbox with a different address: If you want to continue using the mailbox - for example, only to perform a data backup - you can rename it in your IONOS account and then continue using the previous password. The prerequisite for this is that you have at least one available domain in your contract. The article Changing your email address shows you how to rename your mailbox.
  • Delete mailbox: If you no longer need the mailbox, you can delete it. How to do this is described in the article Delete email address.