Typically, a domain can easily be connected to a webspace directory. However, there are certain situations in which problems can arise.

In this article, we have put together the necessary requirements as well as instructions for connecting a domain to your webspace directory.


To connect a domain to a webspace directory, the following prerequisites must be met.

The Domain is Contained in a Contract that has Webspace

The contract in which the domain is located must have webspace. The article Checking Contract Information About Webspace contains a tutorial on how you can check for this.

If your contract does not contain webspace, we have some other possible solutions for you in the following article: The Domain is Located in the Wrong Contract.

The Domain is not Connected to a IONOS Managed Application

A domain cannot be used in any other way if it is already connected to an application Managed by IONOS. In order to connect such a domain to a webspace directory, you must first remove the connection to the application.

The IP Address Points to the IONOS Webspace

For the connection to work, the domain's IP address must point to the IONOS webspace.

This is done automatically if the IONOS name servers and the IONOS A records are used. If they are not used, you will have the option when you connect the domain to ensure that the necessary DNS settings are applied automatically.

Connecting a Domain

Use the button below to connect your domain to a webspace directory. You will first be asked to select the domain.

Log In and Connect a Domain to Your WebspaceConnect a Domain to Your Webspace

Please note: In certain cases, the IP address of the selected domain is not pointed to your IONOS webspace. If this is the case, we will provide you with the option to automatically apply the necessary changes to your DNS Settings.

Verifying the Connection

After you have assigned a webspace directory to your domain, this detail will appear on the summary page of the domain. This process usually only takes a moment, but in the meantime, the domain will show the status Connecting with Webspace.

When the process is complete, the status of the domain changes to Active. The Target is the webspace directory you have assigned to the domain. If you still see the old target, it is often helpful to click on the link Update domain info below the domain details.

You have now successfully linked your domain to the webspace directory. When you access the domain in your browser, the contents of the directory will be displayed.