This guide helps you to determine whether a IONOS contract includes webspace. This information is relevant for certain domain functions that can only be used if the domain is in such a contract.

Not Every IONOS Contract Includes Webspace

Some IONOS contract types do not include webspace. These are contracts which either provide very specialized products, such as MyWebsite, or low-priced, entry-level products.

The most commonly used contract types that do not have webspace include:

  • IONOS Instant Domain contracts
  • IONOS Mail contracts
  • MyWebsite contracts

The following instructions will show you how to find out if your IONOS contract includes webspace.

Check Included Services for Webspace

The Manage contract link in IONOS lists all important details and services included in any IONOS contract. Under the Hosting section (for shared webhosting packages), you can find out how much Webspace is available in your contract. If there is only a No displayed, the chosen contract does not contain any webspace. In all other cases, webspace is included.

View contract information

View Contract Information

Use the following button to view your contract information directly. If you have several contracts, you must first select the desired contract.

Log in and View Contract InformationView Contract Information

Alternatively, this Step-by-Step Guide will briefly walk you through the process.