With the BookingPress app, you can create and manage appointments and events in MyWebsite Now. This article will give you an insight about the differences between the Lite and Pro versions.

Please Note

It is not currently possible to switch between BookingPress Lite and Pro in MyWebsite Now. However, we are working on implementing this option.

Included in BookingPress Lite and Pro

You will find the following features in both the BookingPress Lite and Pro versions:

  • Appointments can be made at any time
  • Payments via Paypal or cash are bookable
  • Bookings via calendar view taking into account vacations, days off, etc.
  • Arbitrarily long appointments
  • Customizable forms and email templates
  • Manual addition of appointments by an administrator

Additional Features in the Pro Version

The Pro version of BookingPress offers the following advantages over the Lite version, among others:

  • 10+ additional payment options
  • Group appointments
  • Invoice processing
  • Integration of additional services, such as WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and Google Calendar

For a complete and up-to-date overview of BookingPress Lite and Pro, please visit our partner's website.