If you encounter difficulties when starting the operating system of a Virtual Server, you can have Customer Service boot it into the so-called repair mode.

The repair mode is similar to the rescue system of our Dedicated Servers.

When starting the repair mode, a special Linux system is started and the file system of the Virtual Server is automatically mounted in the /mnt directory. You can then log in via SSH and perform the following actions:

Backing Up the Server's Data

You have the following options for backing up your server data:

  • You back up the data to your local computer using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

  • You save the data on another server using Secure Copy.

After backing up your data, you can reinitialize the server or restore a backup of your system. You can then copy the backed up data to the virtual server.

Back up data to a local computer using an FTP program

If you use an FTP program to back up your data on a local computer, you can select the desired data and copy it to a directory on your local computer using drag and drop.

Copy data to another server using Secure Copy

Secure Copy is a protocol for the encrypted transmission of data based on Secure Shell. To transfer the data, enter the following command in the shell:

scp -r /PATH /DIRECTORY username@IP ADDRESS:/PATH/target directory


scp -r /mnt root@

Checking the Configuration and Correcting It Manually

Check the configuration and correct it if necessary. We recommend these steps only for experienced administrators.


Always make a backup of your data before you change the configuration of your Virtual Server. Otherwise, there is a risk of data loss.