For Windows Server 2012 R2 

This article explains how to change the display language of your server.

For server installations with Windows Server 2012 R2, the predetermined language is English.
However, you can install any language of your choice through the Windows Control Panel:


  • Establish a Remote Desktop connection to your server.

  • Open the Control Panel.

  • In the Clock, Language and Region category, click Add Language.

  • Click Add a language.

    The window "Add Languages" will open.

  • Select the desired language and add it by clicking Add or Open.

    The selected language is now displayed in the language view.

  • Click Options next to the language to be added.

  • Click Download and install language pack.

    The language pack will be installed. This might take a few moments.

  • Click Options one more time.

  • Click Make this the primary language.

    The Change display language dialog box is displayed.

  • Click

    Log off now if you want the changes to be applied immediately.

    Log off later if you want to postpone the restart.

The selected display language will be activated next time you log in.