For Dedicated Servers acquired after 2018-10-28

If your server is not accessible over the Internet, you can log into your server using the rescue system, which is a minimal Windows system. After your server has been booted to the Windows rescue system, you can use it, for example, to save important data and resolve configuration or network settings errors. You can also edit the registry, reset passwords for user accounts and adjust the TCP/IP configuration using the Microsoft ® Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.


You are in the Infrastructure > Servers section of the  Cloud Panel.

  • Select a server in the list.

  • Click Actions > Restart.

  • Activate the Rescue System method and select the rescue system.

Please Note

 The rescue system's designated bit size (32- or 64-bit) must match the bit size of the operating system installed on the server.

  • Click Yes.

    The server will be booted to the rescue system.

  • To log into the rescue system on your server, click the Start VNC console link.

    The VNC Console window opens.

  • Select the desired keyboard layout.

  • To activate the problem diagnostic tools, click Troubleshoot > Microsoft ® Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.

Further information about the Microsoft ® Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset:

Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10