For Dedicated Server and Server Power Deals managed in the Cloud Panel

This article explains how to install the Monitoring Agent on a Linux-based Dedicated Server o that you can retrieve information about free disk space or running processes. To do so, you must log in to the server and download the installation file. You can then install the Monitoring Agent.

  • Log in to IONOS and click Server & Cloud under MENU.  If necessary, select the desired contract.

    The Cloud Panel will open.

  • In the Infrastructure > Server section, select the desired server.

  • Click Actions > Start VNC Console.

    The VNC Console window will open.

  • Click Start VNC Console.

    The VNC console will open in a new tab.

  • Click Send Ctrl+Alt+Del.

  • Log in with the following data:

    • localhost login: root

    • Password: Your selected password

    You will be logged in to the server.

  • Optional: To identify the operating system architecture of your server, enter the command uname -a.

  • Go to the directory where you want to save the file.

  • Download the Monitoring Agent. You can find a list of the available versions here. Example:


  • Unzip the file. Example:

    tar -xzvf monitoring_agent.tgz

  • To view the contents of the unzipped file, enter the following command:


  • To install the Monitoring Agent, enter the following command:


The Monitoring Agent will be installed.