Using FTP Storage for Backups with Plesk

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IONOS Server with installed Plesk panel

To save your Plesk backups to an external FTP server, do the following:

Step 1

Log into Plesk as administrator.

Step 2

Click Tools & Settings in the left navigation bar.

step 3

In the Tools & Resources area, click Backup Manager.

Step 4

Click FTP Storage Settings.

Step 5

Select the Use FTP storage option.

Step 6

In the FTP server host name or IP field, enter the IP address or host name of the FTP server.

Step 7

In the FTP User Name field, enter the user name of your FTP account.

Step 8

In the FTP Password field, enter the password.

Step 9

Optional: To use the secure transfer protocol FTP over SSL (FTPS), activate the option Use FTPS.

Step 10

Optional: To password protect your backups, enable the Apply password protection option.

Step 11

Optional: In the Password field, enter the password to protect your backups and repeat it.

Please note: The password cannot be reset or recovered if lost.

Step 12

Click on OK.