Your domain name should have fewer than 20 characters so that the domain is easy to remember, share and type.The number of characters allowed for a domain name is currently 3 to 63 characters. However, there may be different rules depending on the registry.

Number of characters allowed for domain names
Top-Level Domain Number of characters
.ca, .biz 1-63
.at 3-63
.eu 2-63
gTLDs, z.B. .mobi 3-63

Checklist for Choosing the Right Domain

You can secure a recognizable and unique Internet address for your business with just a few clicks. Above all, it should be distinct and easy to remember. You will be found faster and easier with a domain that best fits your company, which increases the success of your site.

Tip 1: Short and to the point
The easier a domain name is to remember, the easier it is to make it well known. If your company or project has a long name, we advise using catchy abbreviations.

Tip 2: Trustworthy
Connect your company name with your business's core function. For example, if your company is called Miller, Inc and specializes in building homes, then a suitable domain would be

Tip 3: Meaningful
Do not use exotic domain extensions like .ms, .gg or .to. These are perceived as untrustworthy by users. Reputable domain extensions are .com, .net, or .org.

Tip 4: Search engine friendly 
Incorporate important keywords in the domain name. This way, the domain will be found better by search engines.



Domain Tips for Companies

Tip 1: Secure multiple domain extensions 
Integrate important keywords in the domain name. This way, the domain will be found better by search engines.

Tip 2: Use different variants 
Use variations of your domain name. For example, if this is, it would be a good idea to secure the domain as well. Of course it is also helpful to reserve different TLDs for domain variants too.

Tip 3: Buying domains 
The number of newly registered domains is increasing daily. Many domains are already taken. However, it is often worthwhile to acquire the desired domain if it is for sale.

Tip 4: Avoid known brand names In all cases, avoid using trademarks or protected names in your domain. Also we advise against modifications, such as ““ which could be confused with ““, to avoid possible lawsuits.