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For Linux Web Hosting packages, IONOS Performance hosting and Managed Dedicated Server

ImageMagick is a collection of applications for creating, editing and converting image files. In Web Hosting-packages and on IONOS Managed Servers ImageMagick is available in form of the application convert under /usr/bin/convert already preinstalled. Use the convert command to convert, scale, blur, crop, and more file formats for images. Access to convert is via scripts or direct shell commands.

Examples of applications

Simple conversion, e.g. a JPG file to a PNG file:

convert example.jpg example.png

Convert an image file while maintaining the PNG target file size, e.g. Reduce 50%:

convert example.jpg -resize 50% example.png

Convert and resolve the PNG target file to e.g. Set 480x95 pixels:

convert -resize 480x95 example.jpg example.png