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For Windows Web Hosting packages

Here you will learn how you can change the access rights for files or directories on your webspace using web files.

This allows you to change the access rights for applications running from the web server. For example, individual homepage pages, executed scripts, or directories in which you have stored data.

Step 1

Log in to IONOS and select the relevant contract if necessary.

Step 2

In the Hosting section, click Webfiles.

step 3

Start Webfiles by clicking on Open.

Step 4

Select the folder or document whose access you want to edit and go to Edit > Permissions.

Step 5

Here you can now set the read, write, change and execution rights. For directories, you can also specify whether the rights should also be transferred for subdirectories. Confirm the change with OK.

Please note: The user name IUSRxxxxxxxx is predefined by the system and cannot be changed. No additional users can be set up.