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Learn how to set up CyberDuck quickly and easily for use with your secure FTP account.

To set up CyberDuck for your secure FTP account, you will need to download the configuration file containing the FTP connection data from your IONOS and import it into CyberDuck. You can then easily connect to your webspace by entering only your password.

Download The Configuration File for CyberDuck

  • Log in to IONOS and select Hosting.
  • Click Manage in the SFTP & SSH section or FTPS section to access the Secure FTP Account Overview.
  • To select the desired FTP user, click on the user name.
  • Click Download configuration for Cyberduck link at the bottom of the page.
  • Save the configuration file to your computer.

Import Configuration into Cyberduck

  • Open Cyberduck.
  • Import the downloaded file into Cyberduck by dragging and dropping the file over the Cyberduck window. A new bookmark with the FTP user data is added.
  • You can now connect to your web space by double-clicking on the bookmark.