For IONOS Windows hosting packages

IONOS Windows Hosting uses the encrypted FTPS (FTP over SSL) to transfer your files securely to your webspace.

To avoid having to enter your connection data for each FTP session, you can save it in WinSCP. Then one click will allow you to establish a new connection.

Step 1

Open WinSCP.

Step 2

Click New Site and complete all required information. Then click Save.

Field Input
Transfer protocol FTP
Encryption TLS/SSL Explicit Encryption or TLS/SSL Implicit Encryption
Port 990
Host name IONOS subdomain in IONOS viewable
Username Your FTPS username
Password Your FTPS password
Step 3

Enter a name for the connection, then click OK to save the account data for the FTP connection.

For your security, we advise against using the Save password option, because WinSCP saves this password in plain-text.


You can now click the name of the site to establish the connection.

Please Note:

Make sure to set the passive mode in the FTP connection data in the server manager. The number of simultaneous connections should be limited to a maximum of 4 on the Transfer Settings tab.