At IONOS, the number of files allowed in your webspace has a limit as too many files can affect the performance and security of the hosting service. This article explains how to check the current file count and reduce it (if necessary).

Maximum Possible Number of Files

  Maximum Possible Number of Files
Web Hosting
(Shared Hosting)
WordPress Hosting 262,144
ASP.NET Hosting
(Windows Hosting)
Dedicated Hosting
(Managed Server)
Please Note

The maximum number of files applies per hosting contract.

Checking the Current File Count

To check the current file count in your hosting contract:

  • Log in to your IONOS account.
  • Click on the  Hosting tile.
  • If necessary, select the hosting contract you want to check.

The Webspace tile in the Hosting Overview shows how many files you are using out of the maximum possible number.

Reducing Your File Count

The following recommendations apply to files and applications in your webspace:

  • Delete unused files, e.g. backups of migrations that have already been performed successfully.
  • Archive files that you need to keep, e.g. for legal reasons, on your local computer.
  • Check the backup settings of your applications, e.g. the number of saved backups.
  • Regularly clean cache contents of your applications to remove expired or no longer existing versions of files.
  • Limit the different size variations of original images. For example, WordPress creates three different image sizes of uploaded images by default (Dashboard: Settings > Media).
  • Remove unused applications or unused components, e.g. themes or plugins. This procedure is also recommended for security reasons.