Public folders allow you to share appointments, tasks, and contacts with other Mail Business users. This article explains how to set up public folders.

Adding a Public Calendar, Address Book, or Tasks

  • Log in to your Mail Business account.
  • In the top Mail Business menu, click the function icon for which you want to create a public folder: Calendar, Address Book, or Tasks
    Note: The rest of the steps in this guide use the Address Book as an example. Public folders for Calendar and Tasks are created the same way using the respective icon.
  • In the menu on the left, click Add New Address Book > Personal Address Book.
  • Enter a name for the new public address book.
  • Check the box next to Add as public folder.
  • Finish your entries with Add. The newly created address book is displayed below Public address books.
  • Select the address book and click on Three dash icon > Permissions.
  • Invite additional users for the address book via Invitepeople and adjust the permissions as required via Invite as.
  • Complete your entries with Save.