What are email tags?

Tags are markers with which you can mark one or more emails and find them again later.

Example: You want to tag all emails that contain an invoice from the year 2019.

In this Help Center article, we will show you step-by-step how to do the following:

  • Create a new tag.
  • Add this tag to one or more emails.
  • Display these emails by tag.

Creating a New Tag

If you want to add a new tag to the email archive, follow these steps:

  • To add a new tag to the selected emails, click Tag > Add.
  • Enter the name of the tag. In our example, the two emails should be marked with Invoices 2019.
  • Now press the Enter key > OK.

Done! Your email will now be saved with the new tag.

Display Emails Using Tags

To display the emails that you have tagged:

  • Go to Home > Compliance > Tags.

You will now see a table with an overview of all tags that you have created and used and the number of corresponding emails that are tagged.

To display the emails, click on the corresponding tag name, in our example Invoices 2019. You can also rename, delete, or create a new tag if desired.

All emails marked with the respective tag are now displayed in the overview.

To get to the respective email, simply click on the corresponding subject.

You can find more tips, settings, and other useful information about Email Archiving in the Email Archiving Product Guide.