Have you accidentally deleted an important digital invoice? Or misplaced the tickets for the concert this weekend? A document sent to you by email is needed again?

In other words, you want to search your email archives for an attachment. In this article, we show you how to quickly and easily find any email attachment in your archive!

Showing All Attachments

IONOS Email Archiving has a special section for email attachments where all attachments that were contained in an email at the time of archiving are listed separately:

  • Log in to your Email Archive.
  • Click on the Email Attachments section on the left

All attachments that have been archived are now displayed.

Click All Attachment Types  to filter by file type. For example, you can display all attachments that were sent as .pdf files.

Searching for Attachments

In the Email Attachments section, you will also find a Search option.

You can search by file name, sender, or subject of the email.

  • Enter your search terms into the search field and click on the magnifying glass to begin the search.

Downloading an Attachment

Guided Steps
  • Click on the download symbol to the right of the desired attachment.
  • Select the path where you want to save the attachment.
  • Save the attachment

You can find more tips, settings, and other useful information about Email Archiving in the Email Archiving Product Guide.