First Synchronization

After activating Email Archiving for a mailbox, the current inbox with all subfolders, including the sent folders (but without the recycle bin), is transferred to the archive via IMAP. This process may take some time depending on your mailbox size. You can check the archiving status directly in the archive:

The archiving status is now displayed.

Continuous Archiving

  • After the first archiving, every subsequent archiving takes place automatically every 5 minutes. It is currently technically not possible to synchronize more frequently. Emails that are deleted from the mailbox before synchronization are unfortunately not archived. We recommend that you do not delete incoming emails immediately. This ensures correct archiving.

Note About POP3 Email Accounts

The POP3 email protocol was one of the first Internet protocols and is very limited in functionality. To put it simply, emails are first temporarily stored on the server until they are picked up by an email program. After the collection process, the emails are deleted from the server and are then only available on the recipient's computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Therefore, the POP protocol is not suitable for secure email archiving.

We therefore strongly recommend that you only activate email addresses for email archiving that are managed using the IMAP protocol.