You will need to manage your domain's DNS settings if you are not using the domain exclusively with IONOS products. You do not need any technical knowledge about maintaining DNS zone files. You can change all of the settings directly in your browser.

Using Your Own Name Servers

We allow you to use your own name servers instead of the IONOS name servers. You can, for example, assign a domain's DNS zone to another DNS provider or even host your own name server.

Specifying the A/AAAA Record

You can connect your domain to a fixed IP address, such as a server at IONOS or even a server at another provider. The IONOS DNS management system supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. For subdomains, you can also forward your domain to another host name using a CNAME record.

Mail Servers and SPF Records

The IONOS mail servers let you prevent spam with just a single click by specifying an SPF record in your DNS settings. And, of course, you can use another provider's mail servers for domains registered with IONOS. If you like, you can use the IONOS mail servers as backup servers.

TXT and SRV Records

In the IONOS DNS management section, you can enter any TXT and SRV records you like for each of your domains. This lets you use your domain for even the most advanced applications, such as DMARC or TeamSpeak.