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The ownership of a domain is contractually regulated and can be a part of inheritance. As an inheriting person, company, or association, you can take over ownership of a domain, request its deletion, or transfer it to a third party. This article explains how to proceed.

Please Note

The documents required for taking over ownership differ between Personal and Business accounts. However, this may be difficult to find out without access to the IONOS account in question.

The easiest way to find out whether the account is set up as a Business account is by checking for a Business Name field in the account's Contact Details. If this field is not shown, it is a Personal account. Additionally, the business name will be listed on invoices.

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Domain Holder Had a Personal Account

IONOS requires a copy of the death certificate AND one of the following:

  • Short certificate, which indicates that the individual is the executor of the deceased customer's will, or letters of administration, indicating that a court has given the individual the authority to administer the estate of a customer who died without a will
  • Clear request for cancellation/ownership/transfer (i.e. “Please cancel” written on payment reminder or letter)

Domain Holder Had a Business Account

The following documents are required:

  • Copy of the death certificate
  • Notarized Executor of Estate or Power of Attorney document
  • Clear and detailed request for cancellation/ownership/transfer
  • Business documentation (i.e. business license, articles of incorporation, charter, or meeting minutes)
  • Request from an official at the associated business (i.e. CFO, CEO, President, Owner, or another person who is recorded on the business documentation above)