Connect your Wix site to your IONOS domain: Our setup assistant applies all of of the necessary domain settings for you .

Prepare Your Website on Wix's End

Want your Wix website to be available at your IONOS domain? The first step is to enter the domain you registered with IONOS on Wix's end – we have compiled step-by-step instructions in IONOS.

Choose a Domain with IONOS

Then go to IONOS and select the domain you wish to connect to your Wix site.

Connect on IONOS's End Using the Optimized Setup Assistant

The easiest way is to choose the default Wix name servers: Our setup assistant then enters the name servers for you automatically. You do not have to change any of the DNS settings on IONOS's end. Simply click Connect to establish the connection. Alternatively, you can add the name servers manually.