Best business startup ideas

The best business startup ideas: Here’s how to find them


If you would also like to go for it and launch a startup yourself, you’ll need good ideas and a ton of organization. We’ve got some inspiration for both! How do you systematically approach the search for the next “big thing”? How have others written their success stories? And...


Body language

Body language: The most important form of nonverbal communication


Even when we don’t say anything, we communicate: Our body language is more or less consciously sending out signals to those around us. Gestures, expressions, and posture often share more than we’d like, including how we feel in a given situation. If you’re able to understand body...


Agile Working

Agile working: mastering the challenges of the digital world


“Agile working” is currently one of the biggest trends in the corporate world. It’s seen as the best way to master the challenges of digitalization. How does the agile approach work? What opportunities and risks does it involve? And what role will this hot topic play in the...


Business impact analysis

The business impact analysis


A BIA or business impact analysis emphasizes the most important processes of your company that could threaten your normal business operations in case of a deficit or outage. These processes allow you to evaluate the consequences of a crisis more effectively and devise strategies...


Supply and demand

Supply and demand – how they control the market


Supply and demand determine pricing in a free market. Demand has an influence on supply and vice versa. With no demand, any supply is redundant, and with no supply, demand is ineffective. When they are in equilibrium, prices remain stable and goods are affordable. But how exactly...


Start a side business

Starting a side business


Are you planning on setting up a side business and want to know how to go about it? Starting your own side business while working full time is a great way to minimize your financial risk. Test the waters, but first make sure you are legally registered and that you are even...


Business plan creation

Writing a business plan: here’s how to plan your venture


Before a business idea can be implemented, it is necessary to create a business plan. This serves as the founder’s roadmap, and summarizes all necessary information about planning and finances. However, the business plan is also highly relevant for investors as well as potential...


Environmental, Social, Governance criteria: An overview

Society is moving more and more in the direction of sustainability and social responsibility, and this doesn’t stop when it comes to the stock market. Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) criteria have established themselves as a way to assess the ethical commitments of companies and make them visible for potential investors. Keep reading to find out what the ESG criteria are and how they work....

New work: development, meaning, and examples

Self-defined working is the main idea of the new work concept. But what sounds simple at first requires a great deal of structural and cultural changes at the corporate level. Find out why new work is important for businesses, what its key pillars are, and how the concept can be implemented.

How to become a digital nomad? 7 steps to greater freedom

Around the world in seven steps. If you plan on becoming a digital nomad, preparation is half the battle. Regardless of your status – whether you’re an employee or self-employed – there are a few formalities you should take care of such as insurance before you commit to a life on the road. Read on to find out how to become a digital nomad in 7 steps.

Digital nomad: More freedom on the job

A few hours on the laptop in the morning, taking calls at the beach bar in the afternoon, and sight-seeing in the evening: Digital nomads live and work in a place of their choosing, often requiring little more than a stable Internet connection. If that sounds like the dream, read on to find out which jobs are suitable for a nomadic lifestyle and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

The topics of diversity and inclusion are on everybody’s lips these days. So how can both employers and employees benefit from a work atmosphere in which diversity, respect, and participation are of the utmost importance? And what exactly is the hot topic diversity and inclusion all about. We've summarized all you need to know in this article so keep reading to find out.

What exactly is Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)?

The terms “Governance, Risk and Compliance”, known as GRC for short, comprises the three areas that are responsible for internationally operating (often listed) large companies functioning well. GRC includes management and internal cooperation, assessing internal and external risks, and ensuring that all business processes and laws and regulations are in sync.

Corporate Governance: The Business Management Principles

Corporate Governance is a core topic of business management and has long since stopped being only relevant for market-listed corporations. What principles and objectives are behind the catchword? What legal requirements apply? And what relationship does governance have to compliance? We answer the most important questions regarding this topic.

Green marketing: Sales-oriented, yet environmentally conscious

Green marketing is becoming increasingly important for companies, as sustainable production now plays a major role in the purchasing decision of many consumers. By definition, green marketing is not just about selling sustainably-produced products, but also about transparency concerning the ecological orientation of all areas of the company.

Organizational structure – indispensable for companies

“Flat hierarchies” are a common refrain of many companies when it comes to recruiting. This means short chains of command, wide control spans, and democratic decision-making. This kind of a loose organizational structure has a reputation for motivating employees and therefore increasing their productivity. But not every company is suited to the concept. For more complex companies, it may be...

The best business startup ideas: Here’s how to find them

If you would also like to go for it and launch a startup yourself, you’ll need good ideas and a ton of organization. We’ve got some inspiration for both! How do you systematically approach the search for the next “big thing”? How have others written their success stories? And what should you consider when turning an idea into reality?

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