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Installing Apache, Tomcat, Passenger, and Nginx web servers at the push of a button

Ideal for developers and agencies: combine your web server with a selection of database systems and script languages – a practical option to test applications in the development phase

The problem: setting up a variety of stacks for test purposes is laborious and expensive

Developers and agencies need to write software for a variety of stacks, which is a challenging task. Installing and configuring different stacks takes time. That aside, it’s also not economical to keep lots of stack combinations in reserve. Therefore, a platform is needed that enables them to set up all kinds of test environments flexibly and at low cost.

The solution: install web servers on a variety of stacks at the push of a button – affordably thanks to pay-as-you-go

With IONOS Managed Cloud, it only takes a few clicks to install a wide variety of stack combinations comprising web servers, databases, and script languages. And you can use the time you save on installation to complete other tasks or enjoy a good cup of coffee. What’s more, you only pay for the storage (memory), RAM (working memory), and CPU (processors) that you actually use.

Side note: what is a web server? Web server hosting with IONOS

The term “web server” is commonly used to describe the physical server on which a website or other resources are hosted. But in actual fact, a web server is a program that (very broadly speaking) coordinates queries from the Internet and the “output” of data, for instance to a browser.

Since individual applications have different requirements, there are a variety of web server programs that suit specific needs. Web server hosting by IONOS places a selection of web servers at your fingertips.

Which web servers, databases, and script languages are available?

  • Web server: Apache, Tomcat, Passenger, Nginx

  • Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

  • Script languages: PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, Perl

Select a stack that is optimized for your application or create your own bespoke solution.

Cost transparency and planning security

Interactive billing helps you keep track of your costs at all times. It gives you a prediction of the costs you will likely be charged, even for the current month. Each invoice can also be analyzed precisely.

You can access an exact per-minute billing statement for individual resources. Graphic analyses make it easy to identify significant cost items.

Summary: use IONOS for the easy and inexpensive configuration of web servers and stacks

Enjoy the benefits of setting up your work resources quickly and easily.

The straightforward process of installing your web servers, databases, and script languages as a stack at the push of a button saves valuable time that can be better used elsewhere.

You can save money with the pay-as-you-go model in which you are only charged for the RAM, CPU, and memory that you actually use.

Interactive billing helps you keep track of your costs.

Simply contact our team of experts by telephone, email, or chat if you have any questions.