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Features offered by the Managed Cloud (PaaS)

Miscellaneous & service

Pay-as-you-use, without minimum contract period

Pay only for what you use: per-minute billing of your selected configuration. The package price is prorated to the minute after deletion of a project server. Billing is monthly, at the end of a billing period. There is no minimum contract period, so you can cancel the contract at any time.

Multiple projects/websites

Configuration of several projects/websites. The precise number depends on the server’s CPU, RAM, and SSD storage. Up to 4 projects/websites are possible in the smallest configuration (Managed Cloud Hosting S).

Multiple project servers

Run several project servers on one contract.

Automatic or manual resource distribution

Server resources can be assigned automatically or manually to projects/websites when several projects/websites are run on one server.
When automatic distribution is selected, the computing power for a project/website is increased as needed to meet higher performance requirements, e.g. to handle substantial website traffic.


Project server can be set up in 55 seconds

Project servers are ready to go in just 55 seconds thanks to our high-performance cloud.

Data center location

You can pick the location of the data center for your project server at no extra charge.


Hot swapping option

Increase the capacity of your project server without shutting down the system.

Load balancing

Automatically distribute project requests over several clusters when necessary. This ensures consistently fast access times for visitors to your website.

Interactive invoicing

Full billing transparency: access and forecast your costs as an aggregate or per-minute amount, based on your use.


VMware-virtualized infrastructure in combination with Docker and Kubernetes.

SAN storage systems

All projects are stored on storage area networks. SAN is significantly more failsafe than DAS (direct attached storage) or local storage. SAN keeps your data available, even if a storage node fails.


Unlimited traffic, without any automatic throttling.


Internal network connection 10 Gbit/s.


Operating system and administration

Customer service

Configuration & administration




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