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S3 Object Storage

Compliant with the S3 standard –
highly scalable, affordable, convenient

S3 Object Storage

S3 Object Storage is ideal for backups and to archive company data. It is a convenient, affordable and compliant way to store any amount of static data.

Maximum reliability

S3 Object Storage provides redundant data storage on several nodes – without additional costs or administration workload. Your data is stored redundantly, while mirroring ensures retrieval at any time.

Incredible flexibility

S3 Object Storage is the ideal solution for highly scalable, distributed systems. It comes with virtually unlimited storage space, including distributed access rights and multi-platform capability.

Easy integration

Many common backup solutions work with S3. The REST API ensures that S3 Object Storage can be integrated easily in automated processes or conveniently accessed via http(s). As a quasi-standard, S3 also guarantees outstanding interoperability and compatibility.

Pay only for what you use

S3 Object Storage keeps your budget calculations simple. You can respond easily to changing requirements and only pay for the storage space and time that you actually use, without restrictive contract periods and minimum prices. Instead you will benefit from attractive tiered pricing: The more storage space you use, the less you pay per TB.

  • 1 GB of storage starts at just 1.6 cents per month

  • API access/usage from 0.3 cents per 10,000 calls

  • Free data storage/retrieval

  • Outgoing traffic 9 cents per GB  

  • Fair and transparent price structure

  • No fixed contract periods

  • Per-minute billing

  • Free trial phase

Ideal uses for S3 Object Storage

File sharing

File sharing on an open source storage platform

Data archiving

Long-term, affordable storage of company and customer data

File storage

Migrating website/shop images and videos

Big data

Storage of large, unstructured volumes of raw data

Start your own S3 Object Storage in minutes



Test all the benefits of S3 Object Storage for 30 days – without contractual obligations or hidden costs! Simply register for a free account.


Easy setup

Configure your S3 buckets and then transfer the storage objects to the cloud. To do this, use our S3 API or the Data Center Designer in the Enterprise Cloud.


Good to go immediately

Your Object Storage is available immediately after configuration and can be integrated directly in your applications.

Try out S3 Object Storage with a starting credit of $500 for 30 days—with no further commitment, contracts, or hidden costs!

24/7 technical support

Our experienced system admins are on hand 24/7 to offer you professional technical support. Even at night, on weekends and national holidays ‒ 365 days a year, free of charge.

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