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The Enterprise Cloud in Practice

Overview of success stories

Here’s how our customers benefit from the reliable and scalable cloud computing platform
and make the most of their IT.


Enterprise Cloud by 1&1 IONOS: a Secure Foundation

Digital asset management from Architrave digitalizes the real estate industry


Agile software development in the public cloud

Tailored IT resources delivered to the right team at the right time


Digitizing lifeguards

How SEWOBE connects 1.6 million German Life Saving Association (DLRG) members in the Enterprise Cloud by 1&1 IONOS with full data privacy compliance


Data privacy as a sales argument

FinTech pioneer scales its SaaS application with 1&1 IONOS


Pioneering mobility with an agile IT team

How digital business models benefit from managed DevOps services in the public cloud

Managed Cloud

On cloud nine with a hybrid cloud solution

Managed Cloud – Lufthansa City Center


An ePaper that never sleeps

Innovative, cloud-based digital publishing technologies from Berlin


Interactive, fun prediction game for companies with 1&1 IONOS as a solid defense

High-traffic prediction events benefit from strong data privacy

Managed Cloud

The right cloud solution for SAP HANA

Sirius places its trust in the 1&1 IONOS infrastructure

Managed Cloud

Wind and weatherproof German cloud

“Rent a Good Time – specifically for the data center


Vogel Business Media is outsourcing its infrastructure for online services

Knowledge from the cloud


Maximum performance and stability with the Enterprise Cloud by 1&1 IONOS

Coretress expands cloud infrastructure for a multi-shop system



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